In the old days, a telephone conversation typically began with “hello” and progressed from there. Today, with the mobile phone ubiquitous, the “hello” is generally followed by “where are you?” This is particularly true if you’re en-route to a meeting, out of the office, or otherwise on the go.

Location sharing mobile apps have tried to address this issue by enabling you to let others track you based on your cell phone GPS. But they have the downside of letting people track you constantly, so that they always know where you are. That’s a bit unsettling. After all, you might want Customer A to know where you are when you’re on your way to meet them, but you probably don’t want them to know when you’re sitting in Customer B’s office.

What you really want to do is share location temporarily and only when it is pertinent and to your advantage… give others a glimpse of your location, not total access. The free Glympse mobile app does just that.

Glympse lets you control when, how long, and with whom you want to share your location. You simply select a contact (or contacts), select duration, and then hit send. The recipient(s) can then access a Google Map that shows your location along with the speed you’re currently traveling, time until you reach your destination, and the duration of the access to your location. You can even set Glympse to terminate tracking when you reach a specified destination. Watch the tutorial videos here to see Glympse in action.

It’s great for letting clients know where you are when you’re on the way to a meeting—especially a large one, because you can send one message instead of calling multiple people. It’s also useful for letting your staff keep track of you when you’re on the road, or even letting your family know when to expect you home for dinner. You can also use it to post to a Facebook or Twitter page if you want to broadcast your location to a larger audience.

Glympse is a free app and is available for Android, iPhone, WinPhone7, and BlackBerry. You can access download links for all versions here. It is simple to use, but if you do run into problems you can access support materials and forums in the Help Center or enter a support request online.

So instead of letting your every move be tracked, try giving a pertinent Glympse instead.

Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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