Pirate Parrot Comic

Comic by Karen Yamaguchi, illustration by Kristi Siedow-Thompson.

In the busy day of a small business owner, it’s easy to put off decisions that later come back to haunt you (and your business). The worst culprit to bad decisions is typically a lack of time; a choice needs to be made NOW and with little planning or research. Therefore, often times the best antidote is to plan ahead and keep organized. This may sound time consuming (and it can be), however, putting in a little time in advanced will allow you to make faster decisions down the road. Whether it’s choosing your internet provider for your small business or planning an employee retreat, doing the dirty work early will save time and money later.

  • Keep an up to date calendar
  • Make a list of foreseeable decisions to be made and start on them early
  • Ask your employees (you don’t have to do everything yourself!)
  • Ask your customers
  • Step back and take a breather, rushed decisions aren’t always the best

And finally, don’t do nothing. The mistake of not making a decisions or putting one off is typically the worst mistake you can make (as shown by our comic). Don’t be afraid to make the wrong choice, after all, experience is the best teacher.




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