Mother’s day is this Sunday May 10th. So, at the risk of sounding like a nag, if you haven’t yet ordered that special gift, sent out that card, or at least set a reminder to call your Mother on Sunday—get to it!

Of course, it shouldn’t take a Hallmark Holiday to help us appreciate how our mothers have shaped our lives. In that spirit, the following Apps will help you put a little “mother” into your everyday.

YellingMom: This iPhone only App is an easy to use reminder app that will relentlessly remind you to do the things you tell it you want to do. Simply enter a task such as “eat lunch” or a recurring task such as “write Tip of the Week post for Tuesday mornings,” program when it is due and how frequently you want to be reminded, and let YellingMom nag you until you get it done. And as with real Moms, you can put YellingMom off by swiping a task aside with a promise to get to it later. The App is available in the iOS App Store for 99 cents, but it appears that the publisher’s support website is no longer available, so as with your own mother, you’ll have to accept it as is. But, read this for a great third party tutorial, or watch the YouTube video tutorial.

PocketMother: This App is designed to work with the base Mother and connected Motion Cookies from According to the company website, “Mother and her Motion Cookies are a family of smart versatile sensors that take care of your fitness, your well-being, your comfort, your safety and much more.” The collective is designed to replace the many different alerting systems that have started to become integral parts of our lives, such as fitness monitors and security systems. Once you connect the Mother base to your wireless router you can connect Cookie sensors to measure motion, temperature, or presence. There are a number of pre-programmed Cookie Apps you can use, including a pedometer (Cookies store 10 days of data, but must be near the base Mother to download data), security alerts on opened and closed doors, or ensuring that confidential files never leave your office. If your monitoring needs change, the Motion Cookie can be re-programmed for another purpose. Control, monitoring, and reporting can be done from your computer, or via the PocketMother iOS, Android, or Windows Phone Apps. It will also alert by text or voice message. The $299 starter system comes with 4 Motion cookies (the PocketMother App is free), and is available from Amazon as well as other retailers. The Amazon reviews are mostly favorable, though some note that the glowing mother eyes can be a bit “creepy” as can having to stroke mother’s face to wake her up.

Amy’s Mom: Comedian Amy Borkowsky saved a decade’s worth of phone messages from her well-meaning but comically overprotective mother. With The Official Amy’s Answering Machine™ App for iPhone you too can get safety tips such as, “If you’re going to plan on kissing any new guys, just casually ask them if they have gingivitis” delivered in a stereotypical Bronx accent. The App is styled like a real answering machine, and even if you don’t have a New York Jewish mother of your own for reference, retrieving a message from Amy’s mother may just bring needed comic relief to a hectic small business day. Get the App and 10 messages for $1.99 from the App Store, and add an additional 8 messages for 99 cents.

The iPhone Mom: “We review apps for moms or anyone else looking to tap into the practical, personal or parenting potential of their mobile” states the site “About Us” page. And, don’t let the name mislead you, the site actually contains over 3000 review of Apps for iOS and Android that can be viewed and filtered by device, category, target age group, and price. While the site claims to offer “practical reviews for moms by real life, actual moms” you don’t need to be a Mom to benefit. The Apps are not all business related, but the Business and Productivity sections are sure to be of use to small business owners, as is the Tips & Tricks section which provides advice for getting the most out of your mobile devices, including extending battery life and using voice assistants. Additionally, if you have an App you think will be of particular interest to Moms, submit it here to be considered for an iPhone Mom review.

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