A computer driver is a piece of software that enables your computer to communicate with the hardware and devices attached to it. You’re probably most familiar with installing device drivers—software that enables your computer to use an external monitor, a mouse, a printer, or a scanner. However, drivers are also used to enable your computer to communicate with hardware components you don’t see, and may not even know are there, such as video cards, audio cards, Bus controllers and chipsets.

Hardware and device manufacturers routinely update their drivers to fix problems and to provide improved performance. However, they don’t always advertise the updates and you many not even know that they are available or where to get them—this is particularly true if you don’t have a firm handle on all of the hardware components used in your computer. Additionally, not using the latest drivers can slow your computer’s performance and can also potentially cause conflicts when new devices are installed.

A free software application, IObit’s Driver Booster, provides the tools you need to keep all your computer drivers up-to-date. Driver Booster is extremely easy to use, and provides the safeguards you need to feel comfortable making changes to your computer drivers—even if you know nothing about how drivers actually work. After installing the program, simply watch it run a scan. It will provide a list of all the outdated drivers in your system.

You can review them one by one (click the linked text in the “More Info” column to learn about the driver, see the version and date of the driver you have installed, and the version and date of the proposed update), install them one by one, or install all available updates with a single click.

Driver Booster will create a restore point before installing the new drivers so that you can go back if anything looks strange or your computer starts slowing down or otherwise acting goofy after the driver update. If you want to be extra cautious, update one driver at a time and check to make sure everything is ok before updating the next one.

Driver Booster works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. It is a particularly valuable tool if you are one of those Windows XP holdouts—because it will ensure that you get all available driver updates even though the Windows Update service for XP is no longer available.

CNet’s editors give Driver Booster 4 stars, and the CNet community gives it 5 stars. You can read the full review, including a video demonstration of the program in action, on the CNet website. You can also download Driver Booser here, on the trusted CNet site. Note that the last screen of the installation program pre-checks a box to install additional software from IOBit. Be sure to uncheck this box if you don’t want these additional applications. There is a Pro version available, and there are a number of prompts in the UI to upgrade, but the free version will likely do everything you need.

You wouldn’t want to run your small business without the most up-to-date information from sales, marketing, and customer service. Running your computer with outdated drivers can slow you down just as much as outdated business information. Download Driver Booster today, and keep your PC at the top of its game.

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