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Happy Festivus from the rest of us, specifically Matt and Amanda. In addition to a reminder of our escalating age (Seinfeld introduced us to the spirit of Festivus almost 20 years ago), it is always a welcome escape from the joy that permeates the holiday season. A chance to “air our grievances” and let others know what a disappointment they have been in the past year. As two self-proclaimed complainers, we don’t feel like this opportunity should be restricted to once a year, but a topic for another day. Today, we explore some of the top business-owner grievances–and force you to ask yourself, are you part of the problem?

My Customers Rarely Pay Me On Time:

I’ve got bad news for you. Getting your business paid is never going to be as high on your customer’s to-do list as receiving payments is for your business. Let’s meet in the middle, shall we? Use a payment processing software to make the experience as effortless for me (the customer) as possible. Think: auto pay, recurring invoices emailed to my inbox and online web payment forms. If you’re counting on me to find my checkbook, write a check and acquire a stamp, you could be waiting a while.

My Customers Credit Cards are Always Expiring:

First of all, do you think I enjoy having to memorize a new expiration date? Because I don’t. Here is the reality: credit cards expire every three years on average. This means that if you have customers set up on auto pay or recurring billing, you are constantly contending with expiring cards. You need to have a plan to manage this process. Or even better, use a software like PaySimple to proactively notify your customers of approaching expiration dates. It’s best to take care of this problem before a disruption in billing. Even if it does mean I have to stop procrastinating the new card activation, I promise I’ll appreciate the reminder.

No One is Scheduling an Appointment:

Is your calendar looking a little empty lately? It’s not because no one likes you. It’s because no one wants to pick up the phone and deal with the back and forth of trying to find a time slot that works with both of your schedules. While this used to be a common practice for booking an appointment, the wonders of the internet has awarded us with resources that simplify and automate your scheduling. Just as much as your customer doesn’t like calling you, we know going through 12 different appointment options with them isn’t your idea of a good time either.

Save yourself with an online scheduling platform like BookSimple. Your customers can see what times are available, pick the one that works best for them, and get on your calendar without ever needing to touch a phone – that is unless they are booking this appointment from their smartphone, which is definitely possible. The only thing you’ll need to do is look in your inbox to find all of your customers appointments are sitting there in emails that were automatically sent to you.

Paper Checks are Terrible:

In a time when texting food emojis to your local Domino’s results in a pizza delivered to your door, the sight of a checkbook coming out of a purse yields the flight response typically reserved for a botched blind date.

Paper checks are slow, require too much effort to deposit, and are easily lost amongst the stacks of other papers and periodicals sitting on your desk. So save yourself. Save yourself from the agony of dealing with paper checks ever again by accepting electronic payments or credit cards online or in person.

And even if a check is used, you can still enter the payment information electronically with electronic check acceptance. Once their information is entered their payment can be deposited into your account and their details can be saved for future recurring payments.

My Bank is Never Open at the Times I Want It to Be:

It doesn’t matter what hours are listed on their website, your bank always closes 5 minutes before you get there. The end result is an ever-expanding collection of checks ready to be deposited. Until then, your bank account slowly drains as you spend money on keeping your business running and serving your customers.

We have some good news for you. You can minimize the need to go to the bank by using an electronic payment processing platform. As long as you have an internet capable device, you can accept payments anywhere, anytime. If you’re at the office you can manually input payment information and directly deposit funds into your account. Or, if you’re on the go, fire up the mobile app and swipe cards with a credit card reader.

Festivus for the Rest of Us:

This was fun for us to write, we hope it was helpful to you as you evaluate your own business against these common grievances.

Matt NeSmith

Matt NeSmith

Matt NeSmith is a search engine specialist at PaySimple and is responsible for organic search strategy. While digital marketing fills his day, evenings and weekends are spent riding a bicycle up mountains, reading up on business strategy, or laying on the garage floor underneath an old car.

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