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This week’s question is answered by Rachel Vermeal, digital marketing strategy & communication consultant and the Marketing and Membership Manager for Colorado Mountain Club.


“My organization would like to convert our social media followers to giving donors or members?”


rachel headshotGrowing membership and growing donors is two very different challenges, but social media can be used for both. By harnessing advertising options and strategic offers, social media can be an added vehicle for your outreach campaigns and be integrated into your larger drive plans.

First, know that having a strong followship on first is critical before converting them into donors or members. Spending time creating a strong and stable social media presence is very important before you ask your followers to commit to a donation or to membership.

Once you feel you have a strong relationship with your followers, running a social media membership or donor campaign can easy.

Offering incentives. This works well to strengthen your call to action. By providing a premium for joining such as a discount code or an extra month of membership or giving away a t-shirt for a donation, your organization becomes more involved with the transaction.

Schedule a mix of posts over a period of time. Posts that build up the hype around your offer and inform where donation moneys are allocated are great ways to strengthen your campaign.

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About the Advisor

As a marketing consultant, Rachel is dedicated to helping organizations harness the traditional and digital tools of the ever-changing scene of outreach and marketing communications. A mix of techie geek and creative problemsolver, she specializes in digital marketing strategies and knows how to get creative with tight budgets. Her strategic marketing background and customer/donor engagement knowledge has helped dozens of local and national organizations meet their communication goals.

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