As a Customer Success Manager here at PaySimple, I help hundreds of small business owners get up and running with our service each month.

My job has given me fascinating insight into the day-to-day lives of small business owners.

And whenever I ask a merchant what I can help with, or what they need more of, I hear the same two things:

Small business owners need more time, and they need more money.

That’s why i’m always so quick to recommend business automation strategies to my clients. Automation saves time and money!

Think about it…

If you were to become just 20% more efficient with automation, that would be like adding another day to your work week, or saving 20% of an employee’s salary!

Yet, again and again, I hear about small business owners getting lost in repetitive tasks—like manually sending invoices or scheduling social media posts—when those things could easily be taken care of with a tool like HootSuite, PaySimple or MeetEdgar.

So, what are the top signs a task should be automated?

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If the task….

  1. Is highly repetitive
  2. Contains many steps
  3. Is highly susceptible to human error

The problem is, many business owners know they could be saving time and money with automation, but simply don’t know where to turn, or don’t have the time to research and test out new tools and tactics.

To solve for this, we teamed up with Erin Rosintoski Lewis, automation expert and Director of Marketing at GuildQuality, on a webinar exploring how to work smarter not harder on business functions like marketing, collecting customer feedback and accepting payments.

If you missed the live webinar, you can access the recording here:

Not sure it’s worth your time?

Check out what one attendee had to say:

“Excellent, helpful information. I joined this webinar because I’m considering PaySimple for ACH payments. What I learned about automating social media and marketing was the surprise. This is top of mind for me this week and unexpectedly saved me a whole lot of research time. Thank you!!”

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