Comfort with Mobile Payments

Because of Covid-19, the world saw a rapid increase in mobile payments and online transactions. People were looking for contactless transactions when they went to stores and were shopping more online to avoid contact with other people and the virus.

As a result, mobile payments reached $1.7 billion in 2021, according to Business of Apps, which represented a 27% annual increase. While some people have gone back to using credit cards and cash, we have seen some mobile payment habits shift without going back to the way they were before. For example, since COVID-19 is still present, people have a heightened awareness of the spread of viruses and germs, and many prefer contactless options.

Furthermore, since people are generally more familiar with using mobile payments, we expect mobile payment adoption rates to continue growing. 


As we see internet and processing speeds quicken, the world is moving faster and faster every day. Because of this, consumers are used to seamless and rapid processes and feel bothered by systems that delay them from getting what they want as fast as possible. You should be aware of these demands and trends for SaaS developers and keep consumer convenience and ease at the top of their minds when developing new systems.

One of the best ways to keep convenience in mind is to remember that people like simple, minimalistic designs that aren’t overly complicated. As processes and internet speeds continue to go faster, consumers will continue to demand more and more convenience in the future.  


While consumers want convenience, they also want security. This juxtaposition complicates the design process because often, these two demands conflict with each other. For example, if you make something more secure, it is often less convenient. Conversely, if you make something more convenient, it is often less secure.

However, one way to balance convenience and security is to use tools like digital wallets. Since digital wallets can be used across retailers, and they can use their biometric data or one password to log in to their accounts, they are perceived as more convenient for consumers.

Additionally, digital wallets are more secure because they often use biometric data and don’t require others to handle a consumer’s payment data. 

Customer Service

With the growth of AI and chatbots, customer service has improved, and customers are now coming to like and expect instant answers to their questions and instant resolutions to their problems. As a SaaS developer, remember this and ensure that stellar customer service is part of your app development and business strategy.

Additionally, with the growth of social media and influencer marketing, individuals now have more power, influence, and reach than ever before. If a customer is unhappy, instead of telling 8 people, they can now tell 8,000 or 8 million people. Customer service can make or break a company, so it is important to prioritize this in your design process. 

Immersive and Customized Experience

With the growth of machine learning and data analytics, customers are also coming to expect businesses to predict their wants and needs and offer an experience that is unique to them. It is important to keep these consumer demands and trends in mind when developing a new product and ensure you do adequate user testing because what’s worse than not having a customized experience is trying to predict and recommend what a user wants and get it wrong. 

The Bottom Line

Technology has given us powerful tools to improve people’s lives and give them what they want and need faster and easier than ever before. As more businesses leverage these technologies and consumers come to like and expect them, it is vital to include these consumer demands and trends in your software to survive in the rapidly evolving SaaS world.