If you are like a lot of business leaders that we talk to, you are concerned with making sure that your customers have an enjoyable and memorable experience when they work with you.

Why should you invest time and resources into customer experience?

    • Improves customer satisfaction: The goal is to create a consistent customer experience that exceeds your customer’s expectations. In order to do this, your business must maintain a high level of service from the moment they talk with you or your sales team, to the moment when they need help and talk to your support team.
    • Increases customer referrals: Offering a great customer experience will create a “WOW” reaction from your customer and they will want to share their experience with others. By focusing on amazing customer experience, you have the opportunity to create an advocate out of every customer.
    • Reduces customer turnover: If your customers have a great experience with your business, why would they want to leave you? Most customers leave because of poor customer service rather than price.
    • Builds stronger customer relationships: By focusing on customer experience, you can deliver personalized communications to each customer. You will get to know your customers, how you can better serve them and keep them happy.
    • Increase sales and revenue: It’s the easiest way to measure your return on customer experience. Happy customers tend to lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

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At PaySimple, a great customer experience is one of our priorities and something that separates us from the competition.


If you are not investing in a positive customer experience, you need to start today to help your business standout.

If you want to enhance your business’ customer experience:

5 main areas to focus

  1. Ask your customers questions:
    • Ask customers how they found out about your business, how often they buy from you, and why.
    • Ask customers to rate your service, store layout or website design, pricing, and product/service offering.
  2. Say “Thank You”:
    • Show your customers that you appreciate their business by saying thank you – often.
    • Host customer-appreciate events, offer discounts and send greeting cards to show your appreciation.
  3. Encourage customers to share: 
    • Your customers are ambassadors of your business and your brand.
    • Encourage them to share their experience with your business with their friends, family, and through social media.
  4. Get personal
    • You will gain trust with your customer by showing them that you understand their needs, so it is important to customize customer experiences.
    • Examples:
      • Send email marketing campaigns to customers based on the items/services they purchased from your business.
      • Send birthday cards, holiday cards, or anniversary cards.
      • Send customized promotions.
  5. Include credit card processing as a payment option
    • Accepting credit cards makes it easier to do business with you because not everyone carries a checkbook.
    • Customers we’ve talked to prefer to use credit cards because:
      • They can earn points from their credit card company.
      • They are more comfortable sharing credit card information than banking information.
    • For you, credit card payments are processed quickly, which means funding happens faster.

PaySimple offers easy-to-use payment processing options for your business, to see how it works, try a demo.

Already a PaySimple user? Learn how to customize the PaySimple platform to fit your business needs and create a memorable customer experience, visit: PaySimple University.

Luigi Frascarelli

Luigi Frascarelli

Luigi brings 15 years of experience in account management, business development, business consulting, and relationship management to his role of Manager of Customer Success at PaySimple. He oversees customer success initiatives and helps small business owners grow their businesses. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, watching Kung-Fu movies, reading science fiction, and hiking and biking in beautiful Colorado.

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