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Credit Card Processing

Accept payments anytime and anywhere

Get paid quickly with credit cards

Keep the cash flowing by accepting all major credit and debit cards with a PaySimple merchant account. Customers appreciate the convenience and payments can be made quickly, getting you paid faster.

Each credit card payment is deposited directly into your account, keeping your records up to date and your small business funded.

Accepting credit cards lets you:

  • Attract and retain customers with professional, flexible payment options
  • Improve your cash flow and receive payments quickly
  • Import multiple payments at once

Accept a variety of credit cards
Automate your payment notifications and receipts to free up your time

Save time on billing and invoicing

Get your time back by automating your billing and invoicing process.

When a credit card payment is accepted and processed, customer information can be stored for recurring payments so you only have to ask for payment information once.

Payment reminders will be delivered automatically and custom receipts will be sent to customers when their credit card is processed. This lets you focus on running your business, not chasing payments.

With credit card processing you can:

  • Free up your time with automated payment processes
  • Provide better customer service through friendly reminders and receipts
  • Automatically process scheduled payments

Accept credit cards on the go

Accept credit cards online, over the phone, or in person with a mobile swiper or by keying in customer information.

Mobile payments give you the freedom to take your business anywhere and open you up to a range of new opportunities.

If your customer doesn't carry cash or can't write a check, open the mobile app and swipe their card. All payments will be reconciled to your PaySimple account and it's one less payment to worry about collecting!

PaySimple credit card processing provides:

  • Access anywhere through the mobile app and swiper
  • Payment acceptance on both Android and iOS devices
  • Automatic sync between payments accepted on the go and your account

Keep customer information secure with PCI compliance and data encryption

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