No matter what the size of your business, every one wants to cut costs and time, while keeping (and adding) customers to their product and/or service. With today’s technology and easy use of online tools, it’s better than over to accomplish all of these things. But one asset in particular does all three in incredible fashion and not only updates the way you do business, but takes it to the next level. Welcome to the land of ACH payment processing.

How ACH Payment Processing Works
Let’s say we have one customer and one merchant. The customer wants to pay the merchant for services rendered. The merchant already has the customers payment and personal information on file, and initiates the ACH payment process:

  • The ACH payment processing debits the amount from the customer’s bank account on file.
  • The funds are credited to the merchant’s bank account through the ACH payment processing network.

The ACH payment network offers great benefits for both the merchants and customers, and can be a great addition to any business.

ACH Payment Benefits for Merchants

There are many benefits that ACH payment processing can can bring to your  business, with the most popular being:

  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Cost Effective
  • Automation

The ACH network has been in use for over 40 years, and has built a strong reputation for being reliable (getting your funds on time) and very secure. Many businesses have yet to use this amazing feature due to the uncertainty of online payments, or how their customers would use it. Truth be told, the Internet has grown exponentially over the past decade, and now millions of Americans pay their bills (and do the majority of tasks) online. No longer is it a hassle to conduct business online, but simple to do and often times the most favorable method by customers.

The ability to reduce costs over that of a paper check is also a great benefit. With ACH payments there is no mailing or handling cost, plus, once you initiate the ACH process online it becomes completely automated and reduces human error. Another benefit of automation is that you can schedule to receive payments in advanced and have a better understand of your business cash flow. No more waiting by the mailbox for your customer’s check, but instead see it in your bank account on the day you expect it to be.

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