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eCheck Payments

Accept eCheck payments and
get paid without going to the bank

Save money with electronic checks

Trips to the bank and processing costs for checks add up.

With an eCheck, processing can cost as little as 55¢ for transactions over $20 and you can handle it all from the comfort of your office. With everything done online, the costs and inconvenience of dealing with paper checks is eliminated.

Electronic check payments can also be processed day or night meaning you can make money even when your business and the banks are closed.

Electronic checks give you:

  • Increased on-time collections
  • Improved cash flow with quicker access to your money
  • More time to focus on running your business
Save on processing costs with echecks
Accept checks for recurring payments

EChecks are convenient for you and your customers

Without the need for sending a paper check, customers can provide their payment info online or over the phone.

You'll never have to reconcile paper checks with their account again and customer information will be stored for future transactions.

Using eCheck processing also gives your customers more options than just using a credit card, making it easier for them to pay when payments are due.

With eChecks you can:

  • Store account information for fast and easy repeat purchases
  • Send automatic mailed receipts
  • Set up recurring billing for subscription or ongoing payments

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Electronic checks keep payments safe and secure

If you never have to carry a paper check, you never have to worry about losing it. And beyond physical security, electronic checks use the secure ACH network to transfer payments directly to your account.

Electronic checks also use customer authentication and duplicate check prevention - all to prevent fraud and keep funds from getting tampered with.

EChecks keep your funds safe with:

  • Real-time updates on the transaction status
  • Bounced check notifications in 48 hours
  • Less touch points during processing
Enter account info and accept electronic checks

What is an eCheck?

An eCheck is an electronic version of a check and can be referred to as an electronic check or ACH payment. Electronic check processing means that you can convert a paper check received from a customer into an electronic transfer.

Electronic checks combine the security, speed, and processing efficiencies of all electronic transactions with the infrastructure and processes associated with paper checks. EChecks are a faster, less-expensive way to get your money.

  • An eCheck can also be called an electronic check, direct debit, ACH payment, or ACH transfer
  • It is the means by which you can take the info typically contained on a paper check and process the payment electronically using the ACH network

How does an echeck work?

Ever wondered how an eCheck works? It's really quite simple. Electronic check processing is the means by which you can take a customer’s routing and account number (the numbers imprinted at the bottom of a paper check) and submit it for payment electronically, typically using an online interface, instead of accepting a paper check and taking it to the bank.

How eCheck Processing Works

PaySimple provides an easy electronic check processing feature that requires no expensive scanners or other hardware – you simply key in bank account information and submit the transaction.

You can send an automatic emailed receipt of the transaction, eliminating otherwise time-consuming steps surrounding paper invoices, paper checks, account reconciliation, and trips to the bank.

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