Electronic Check Processing & Online eCheck Payments 

Accept Checks Online and Streamline the Payment Process

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Streamline Check Processing

Increase cash flow and process payments faster with eChecks

pay by check online

Pay by Check Online 

Provide convenience by accepting eCheck payments

increase payment security

Increase Payment Security

Process checks through a secure eCheck payment gateway

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Get Paid Faster with eCheck Payments

Receive Payments on Time with eCheck processing

Stop waiting on checks in the mail. Giving customers the option to pay by check online allows you to store their information securely for future payments.

Cut Down on Check Processing Fees

An electronic check payment costs only $0.60 per transaction compared to $1.22 to process a paper check.

Set Up Recurring Payment Processing

When you collect information for an eCheck payment you can set up subscription services and recurring payments.

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Provide Convenience and Accept eChecks

Offer Different Methods of Payment

Electronic check processing gives customers the flexibility to pay with something other than a credit card, making it easier for them to pay on time.

Make Payments from Anywhere

Customers can provide eCheck payment information online or over the phone and avoid having to send a paper check in the mail.

Create Ongoing Payments

Ask for payment details just once, and then store customer account information for fast and easy repeat purchases.

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From Credit Cards to Mobile Apps, Learn All the Ways You Can Accept Online Payments

PaySimple Accepting Payments Guide

Learn How You Can:

  • Collect credit card and eCheck payments online, over the phone, and in person
  • Save time and create reliable cash flow with payment automation
  • Showcase and sell your products and services online, from anywhere at any time
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Offer Payment Security with eChecks

Safely Transfer Check Information

Electronic checks use the secure ACH networks to transfer payments directly into your bank account.

Prevent Fraud with eChecks

When you accept eCheck payments you’re using top security safeguards such as blinded account numbers and duplicate detection to protect against fraud and keep funds from being tampered with.

Provide a Secure Online Payment Option

If you never have to carry a paper check, you never have to worry about losing it or exposing it to prying eyes. Accepting payments online eliminates those mistakes that are only human after all.

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