Challenge: Simplifying Payments

Many software solution companies want to add payment-processing functionality to their system to ensure customer retention and increase revenue. This is a massive undertaking, requiring a variety of security and compliance steps, and can be a major distraction from delivering and servicing their core products.

Zen Planner, a fitness management solution, reached this impasse. They wanted to give their members an easy, turnkey way to automate and accept payments—for one-time or recurring payments—with their fitness management software.

Solution: Payment Integration

They chose the PaySimple API, a payment gateway that offered secure customer data management and revenue sharing. This simple integration allowed them to continue to deliver their fitness management software product with the added benefit of accepting payments.

We spend virtually no time collecting payments from our customers, and that’s the way the business should be.

Zen Planner
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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on November 17, 2015 on LinkedIn Pulse.