Choosing a payment gateway is a big decision. Unfortunately, many SaaS providers decide against adding a payment gateway because of the complexity of adding this feature. However, PaySimple is an integrated payment solution that can help with this problem. As the name suggests, they make adding a payment gateway easy by keeping it simple.

Having worked with SaaS providers for over 15 years to integrate payments, they are experts in creating successful payment experiences. Here’s why SaaS companies use PaySimple as their integrated payment solution.

Why PaySimple as a Payment Gateway?

PaySimple provides everything needed to build, launch, and manage a custom payment experience. From marketing resources, sales enablement, customer success, and support, the PaySimple team has SaaS businesses covered with custom solutions built specifically for them.

For example, Paysimple works with its partners to support go-to-market strategies customized to their business and provide everything they need to launch and grow a payments program with confidence. Specifically, working with PaySimple gives SaaS companies access to: 

Unparalleled Technical Support

A huge problem with integrating a payment solution is a lack of support. For example, many payment solution providers do not offer detailed technical support to their SaaS clients. However, to make things as easy as possible, PaySimple prides itself on offering 5-star technical support.

For example, independent software vendor (ISV) partners are supported by the internal integration team at each stage of the development process as well as after implementation. There’s also a dedicated partner, so each SaaS client gets a dedicated payments expert that understands their business.

From one-off solutions to continued growth, the dedicated payments expert is there to help partners throughout and beyond the implementation process to ensure a successful payments program. The support also extends to every partner and merchant the SaaS company works with. 

Customized Training for Payments

Adding a payment feature to a SaaS product can create gaps in the customer-facing team’s knowledge, making it harder for them to solve customers’ problems. However, PaySimple trains customer-facing teams to be payment experts.

SaaS providers get a dedicated person they can collaborate with on their go-to-market strategy with training that demos their payment experience, covers how to talk about payments and benefits, how the API works, how to overcome objections, how to pass over leads, how to onboard, and more.

Customized Marketing Support

PaySimple helps brand and market payments as part of a SaaS offering. The team learns about the SaaS’s marketing stack and communication style to provide custom assets such as emails, blogs, website content, in-product messaging, social media posts, and more.

Custom go-to-market strategies provide everything the SaaS provider needs to launch and scale a payments program and communicate the value of integrated payments to their customers. PaySimple works diligently to understand its partner’s business, share best practices, and create a custom plan that leads to user adoption and growth for the SaaS company.

Added Profits

Leaving a payment integration out of a product can leave money on the table. Today’s businesses expect an all-in-one solution when they choose their SaaS provider. PaySimple Integrated Payments provides a simple, low-effort way to include payments as part of a SaaS offering with all the other features customers love.

A payment feature can add value to end-user by making their life easier and keeping them from getting one more application or software to run their business. Most importantly, it can boost SaaS earnings because there’s a high-margin revenue share on every dollar processed through the software. 

PaySimple understands the particular challenges SaaS companies face and make it their goal to make the process of adding an integrated payment solution easy.