Use Your Payment Data to Create Better Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing can help you retain customers, drive sales, and increase revenue. As a consumer, you receive countless targeted promotions from businesses who use insights gleaned from payment data to encourage you to make certain purchases.

Think about it…

  • Amazon displays recommended items in shipping confirmation emails, which showcase products related to the ones you just bought.
  • Southwest Airlines deploys promotional car rental campaigns customized by individual traveler destinations.
  • Lyft incentivizes frequent riders to refer friends with free ride codes.

As a business owner, you can take a page from the big brands’ playbook and leverage payment data to drive business success. With PaySimple’s new email marketing integrations, small to medium sized businesses can utilize existing payment data to segment customers and devise effective up-sell, cross-sell, promotional, and discount campaigns.

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Here are a few foundational tips to get you started:

Use Reporting to Uncover Growth Opportunities

What are your top performing products or services? Who is your ideal customer? Are they making more than one purchase? When is your busiest time of year? When is the slowest?

The answers to these questions hold the keys to business growth.

PaySimple Reports translate existing payment data into business insights that can be used to understand business trends and segment customers based on behavior and demographics. These insights empower businesses to more effectively promote their offerings and grow. Below are examples of reports PaySimple users can create to uncover revenue opportunities, guide business decisions, and direct marketing strategy:

  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Item
  • Customer Demographics
  • Seasonality
  • Cash Flow Trends
  • Many more!

Segment Customers Based on Business Insights

After a business determines where revenue opportunities lie, they will want to create targeted email lists of customers based on payment activity. Segmented customer lists are created using PaySimple Reports and flow seamlessly with PaySimple’s integrated marketing platforms, MailChimp and Constant Contact. This integration allows for simple setup of targeted marketing campaigns.

Examples of segmented customer email lists could include customers who…

  • Purchased a specific product or service
  • Made purchases related to a specific product or service
  • Made a purchase > 6 months ago
  • Spent > $X or made > X amount of purchases in a certain timeframe

Strategize and Execute Targeted Outreach

For many businesses, upselling, cross-selling, weathering seasonality, increasing customers, or all of the above, define business growth. With that, some examples of campaigns using the sample segmented customer email lists above might include:

  • Yoga workshop participants receive an email with a Payment Form inviting them to enroll in an upcoming workshop hosted by the same instructor
  • Parents who pay regular tuition to a Montessori school receive an email promoting a series of after-hours educational programs in an Online Store
  • Dental patients who have not received a service in 6+ months are sent a reminder to book their upcoming cleaning with a call-to-action Booking Page link
  • Top-spending lawn care customers receive a discount code for their loyalty, offering $50 off a service for each friend they refer

Growing a business through targeted marketing efforts like a large corporation does not require elaborate business intelligence tools or a corporate marketing department.

PaySimple’s integration with MailChimp and Constant Contact provides the payment data, tracking, and automation necessary to be successful. Once campaigns are sent, business owners can measure revenue and campaign traction in both PaySimple and MailChimp or Constant Contact reports.

Through the PaySimple email marketing integration, users can further tweak list settings and automate the process of using payment activity to send strategic campaigns. As payment data funnels through PaySimple with new purchases, it will update the segmented lists accordingly and flow into the email marketing platform for continual targeted outreach and sustainable revenue growth.

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