How Does the Paysimple Partner Program Work?

By joining our partner program, you’ll be able to give your current and prospective clients an easier way to bill their customers and manage their business, all while generating a steady revenue stream.

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey, back end payment solution that your clients can use to bill and manage their customers or a full API implementation within your own product—we’ll be able to design a solution for you.

How to Begin:

1. Fill out our partnership contact form

2. Talk with a member of our Integrated Partner Channel

3. Complete development using our API Documentation and .JS SDK

4. Collaborate with our Marketing team to create co-branded material (such as lead forms) for your new and existing customer base

5. Begin your customers with PaySimple and start earning residual

Why Partner with Paysimple?

Beyond the financial benefit of having a passive income stream for your business, our integrated partners enjoy several key benefits:

Enhanced Product Suite to Attract New Clients

In the software-as-a-service (SAAS) marketplace, it’s important to have an ever-evolving product portfolio. By partnering with us, you’ll be able to enhance your offering by providing your clients with a leading receivables and payment processing solution all-in-one.

Improved Retention With a Sticky Solution that Businesses Want

Acquiring small business clients is hard; keeping them can be even harder. By providing your clients an intuitive, all-in-one solution with robust reporting, they will have many more reasons to stay with your company, rather than branch out to fill other business needs.

Quick Market Entrance With an Integrated Payment Solution

A key benefit of partnering with PaySimple is that there is no need to build out new infrastructure. Our turnkey program allows your clients to process payments without adding any extra work for your technology team.

How Will the PaySimple Partner Program Help YOUR Customers?

Being an integrated partner means you will also benefit your current and prospective clients in a few key ways:

Automate & Streamline Customer Billing

One of the primary benefits of our payment platform is that your clients will be able to streamline and automate their customer billing. Our electronic invoicing feature reduces the need to send paper invoices and encourages on-time payments.

Boost Monthly Revenue With Flexible Payment Options

By adding payment-processing integrations to your solution, your clients will be able to accept a variety of payments. PaySimple gives your clients the flexibility to accept credit, debit and ACH payments. Earn monthly residuals while enabling your clients to better manage their cash flow and billing process.

Increase Cash Flow by Collecting On-Time Payments

Late payments are a major challenge of many small business owners. Once you’re up and running as a PaySimple partner your clients will rarely deal with late payments again. Setting up automated recurring billing only takes a few clicks.

We are Here to Support You and Your Clients

Take advantage of ongoing strategy sessions with a dedicated partnership manager.

You’ll receive any marketing materials and support you need to be successful and we’ll track, field and follow up with any leads you bring in.

Who Benefits from our Integrated Partnership Program?

PaySimple offers a horizontal solution that supports a wide variety of partners who benefit from offering an integrated payment processing solution to their clients.

Some examples: Chiropractors, Dentists, Lawyers, Landscapers, Educators, Fitness Gyms, Property Managers and more…

SaaS Solutions 

With our flexible API you are able to offer your customers a better way to market their services, accept payments, and retain more customers from within your SAAS solution. Earn monthly residuals while enabling them to better manage their cash flow and billing process.

Flexible API for Developers

An integration to our back end solution means enhancing your offering with the power of an eCommerce API that provides one time payments, recurring billing, appointment setting, and robust customer reporting behind the scenes of your custom design.


If you operate a SaaS solution business and are searching for a way to expand your offerings as well as generate an additional revenue stream, partnering with a payment solution like PaySimple might be the perfect opportunity.

If you’re interested in learning more about partnering with PaySimple, please fill out our partner contact form