How Block 1750 Became a Home for Art in Boulder, Colorado

The space that would ultimately become Block 1750 wasn’t much to look at when the founders signed the lease in 2013. But the group, comprised of break dancers and artists, had a vision for what “The Block” could be—a place where members of all ages could practice and celebrate the art form of their choosing, regardless of financial means.

Luckily, the Boulder, Colorado community shared their vision and helped turn The Block into what it is today, brick-by-brick, board by board…literally.

Now, the founders of The Block and the volunteers who help make it run, work to give back to the community by offering a wide array of affordable dance classes, open mic nights, open studio sessions and performances where dancers, artists, singers, or those simply in need of a place to hang out can be among friends and practice their passion.

As their payment partner, PaySimple is proud to play a small part in Block 1750’s story, which they share with us here.


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