Partnering with PaySimple for seamless and secure payment processing delivers immediate and long-term benefits, unmatched by other payment providers. 

With you and your business in mind, our partnerships are designed to deliver exceptional customer value while increasing joint revenue.

Today, our partners encompass large scale solution providers servicing users in the thousands to smaller software solutions that are poised for growth.

Benefits of our partnership are supported by our three foundational partner commitments to ensure success today and tomorrow.

Benefits of Partnership: PaySimple

Technology Consolidation

Offering payment processing into a mobile application, SaaS product or website can organically increase profitability if implemented and managed well. With PaySimple your team benefits from working with one provider, eliminating costs and risks associated with multiple vendors, or developing internally.

In turn, your end-users are provided a best in class payment processing experience that is seamlessly and securely accessed within your platform. A future-focused approach to long lasting customer satisfaction and retention.

Revenue Share

While many payment solution providers will forgo sharing revenue with their software solution partners, we at PaySimple operate differently. Committed to growing together, our software solution partners are guaranteed a revenue sharing agreement.

PaySimple revenue sharing is structured to reward you as your user base increases payment processing. With monthly residual income on payments transacted through your software, you will maintain a predictable and scalable revenue stream.

Dedicated Support: Implementation & On-Boarding

Here at PaySimple we put customers at the center of our strategy; believing that their success is our success. In partnership, support stands from initial integration onward.

Knowing that the integration process can be a difficult undertaking for a team of any size, our partnership provides thorough support. Integration assistance is reliably handled by our dedicated team in supplement to our extensive developer resources and documentation.

Past integration, our team will work alongside yours to customize on-boarding and marketing of our partnership to your customer base. This level of support fuels strong and continuous user adoption.

Once partnered, your users become our customers and are welcomed with our superior customer support. Any payment need they have is handled by PaySimple – enabling your team to focus on your solution. If you’re interested in learning more about a PaySimple integration, please fill out our partner contact form.

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