Business owners now have access to more digital tools and mobile apps than ever before. Today, a variety of versatile mobile apps can help you run your business and get things done no matter where you are. Whether you want to process customer payments in the field, check in with your team without checking your email, or grow your network and your brand, here is our list of the top 20 mobile apps for entrepreneurs:

1. PaySimple Mobile App

With the free PaySimple app for iOS and Android, you can securely process payments, manage your customers, streamline billing and get valuable insights into your business from anywhere. The PaySimple app offers a seamless checkout experience for collecting payments on the go, and any changes or updates you make in the app are immediately viewable in the full web version of PaySimple. 

2. Slack

Think of Slack (iOS and Android) as instant messaging for work. Use it to stay in touch with your team without getting sidetracked by your inbox. Set up multiple communication channels for different projects or departments, connect with your employees, and keep a searchable record of every conversation, including shared documents, PDFs, and images.

3. Trello

Manage projects with the highly visual Trello app (iOS and Android). You can set up a Trello board for each project in your pipeline and invite team members to collaborate on it. Next, add a card for each task to be completed, assigning due dates, making checklists, and adding documents and images.

4. Evernote

Consider Evernote your catch-all app for brilliant ideas (iOS and Android). Evernote acts as a landing spot for everything that inspires you, from website snippets to business ideas, quick notes, to-do lists, pictures, audio files, video, and more. Collect, organize, and access it all from one place with this handy do-it-all app.

5. Google Docs

When your team collaborates inside Google Docs (iOS and Android), you can access, edit, and work on your documents from anywhere and at any time. Google Docs lets you see everyone’s updates, additions, and changes in real-time, and you don’t have to wonder whether you’re accessing the latest version of a file.

6. Toggl

Track your team’s billable hours with Toggl (iOS and Android). Easy to use, flexible, and cloud-based, Toggl offers one-tap time tracking and securely stores everyone’s time logs so you can see where your time goes.

7. Expensify

Tracking expenses can be daunting, especially when there’s a tall stack of receipts to contend with. Expensify (iOS and Android) does the drudge-work for you: when you snap a photo of a receipt, it automatically reads and imports the relevant details for you. It can also link to your credit or debit card for even easier expense tracking.

8. QuickBooks

Be confident in your accounting. PaySimple integrates with QuickBooks for a streamlined link between your payment processing and accounting software. QuickBooks (iOS and Android) syncs with PaySimple to eliminate bad data or duplicate transactions, reducing the need for manual correction.

9. Dropbox

Keep a cloud-based copy of all your important files, from documents to videos. Besides being a great backup, Dropbox (iOS and Android) can also give your entire team access to every file they need, especially when they’re on the go.

10. Pocket

If you like scouring the internet for information and inspiration, whether in the form of long-form articles or video tutorials, then you’ll love Pocket (iOS and Android). The Pocket app lets you save anything you come across so you can enjoy it later, at your leisure.

11. RescueTime

Focus is essential for entrepreneurs, but today’s world is awash in distractions, most of them digital. How do you track your time and make sure you’re spending it on things that really matter—like your business? RescueTime (iOS and Android) gives you a snapshot of how much time you spend on both mobile and desktop devices, as well as how you spend it—whether it’s writing emails or scanning social media.

12. Teamdeck

The Teamdeck app (iOS and Android) lets you track your remote team’s availability, easily scheduling work shifts and days off. You can also track your time, add timesheets, and see your team’s schedule at a glance. Teamdeck helps you manage resources and plan for the future with clarity.

13. Zoom

Zoom (iOS and Android) has been surging in popularity as the go-to option for virtual meetings and video chats. With the Zoom app, you can start or join meetings on the spot, connect via instant messaging, and even present right from your phone.

14. MailChimp

Grow and nurture your mailing list with MailChimp (iOS and Android). Sending newsletters and email campaigns directly to your subscribers is a breeze with MailChimp’s customizable templates. Additionally, MailChimp’s reports help you see how well your emails perform and how you can make them even more relevant to your audience.

15. Microsoft Office

Get the full suite of traditional Microsoft Office tools, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, now accessible in the cloud and on mobile. With Microsoft Office (iOS and Android) everything your team works on is saved in the cloud, and you can access documents and files from your mobile device as well as desktop.

16. DocuSign and Genius Scan

DocuSign (iOS and Android) lets you collect signatures online and via mobile, making it perfect for field representatives or entrepreneurs on the go. There’s no need to print, scan, and shuffle paper documents around: DocuSign eliminates the hassle with easy PDF signatures sent straight to everyone’s email. Furthermore, Genius Scan (iOS and Android) allows you to quickly scan paper documents on the go simply by taking a photo with your phone. The app then converts your document photos to PDFs you can save or email as needed.

17. Podium

Collect customer reviews directly via text with Podium (iOS and Android). The Podium app makes it more likely that you receive great reviews, encouraging repeat customers as well as helping you win more leads.

18. Buffer

Share your social media posts across multiple networks with the Buffer app (iOS and Android). Buffer lets you schedule exactly when and where your content is shared for optimal exposure to the audiences you want to reach most.

19. LinkedIn

Keep in touch with your network with the LinkedIn app (iOS and Android), so you can squeeze in an extra message, congratulations, or contact request during those in-between moments. You can also add people you meet to your contacts, post updates to enhance your brand, and even share job openings.

20. Castbox, Stitcher, or Apple Podcasts

No matter which podcasting app you choose to use, having your favorite podcasts on hand is a great way to tap into business insights and inspiration. Be sure to check out our list of Best business podcasts for entrepreneurs and small business owners!