Amazing Athletes is a franchise that enables owners to introduce children to sports fundamentals in a fun, empowering setting.

When the franchise headquarters went on the search for a preferred payment provider, they landed on PaySimple.

According to Amazing Athletes Director of Marketing, Christian O’Saile, “After countless meetings and discussions with several online payment processors, Amazing Athletes Franchise Systems decided that the perfect company to work with for our specific needs was PaySimple. From its ease of use to the platform that makes it simple to train all of our franchisees. PaySimple’s software allows anyone to add in their payment processor to their website without needing the knowledge of web development.”

How are you accepting payments?

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PaySimple is thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with Amazing Athletes owners to help them collect payments more efficiently. We sat down with one of Amazing Athletes’ franchise owners, Jessica Perrott to get her take on why PaySimple works for her business.

Why One Amazing Athletes Franchise Owner Chose PaySimple:

How did you get involved in Amazing Athletes?

I joined Amazing Athletes in August of 2009. I was desperate to get out of the corporate environment and start my own business. After researching different options, I came across the Amazing Athletes franchise and got a really good feeling about the company and the program. I knew I would love working with children, and the idea of running my own business and offering a rewarding opportunity to children was very appealing. After speaking with Janee Henderson (co-founder of Amazing Athletes) and learning more about their journey and their goals for the franchise, I had made up my mind. Nine years later it was the best decision I could have made.

What stood out about PaySimple over other services?

I really liked the simplicity of PaySimple, and was looking for an interface for my clients that would be straightforward and easy to use. I also wanted a service that was customizable to my business, one where I didn’t have to change my processes in order to use the product. The sales and customer service team was also a big part of the decision. I felt like my needs were taken into consideration and they took the time to find ways to streamline our transition from our old billing system.

What challenges in particular does PaySimple allow you to overcome? 

PaySimple’s recurring payment functionality has allowed my business to collect most of our revenue at the beginning of the month with little effort. We save a lot of time by not having to track down payments, send reminders, make collection calls, etc.

Were parents receptive to moving to online payments?

We have had a high success rate with parents enrolling in automated payments through PaySimple. It has been an easy transition and most parents have been excited about signing up once and not worrying about billing moving forward.

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