Founded in 1983 by Vinny and Brenda Nardo, Reborn Cabinets truly embodies the American Dream. The couple moved across the country from New York City to Southern California with nothing more than what they could fit in their family station wagon, in search of a better place to raise their kids and ultimately start a business. Through decades of hard work and commitment to providing a stellar customer experience, they have grown Reborn Cabinets into a multi-location business with over 400 employees.

As their preferred payment partner, PaySimple is proud to play a small part in Reborn Cabinets’ incredible story, which Andy Pak of the Accounts Payable and Finance team shares with us below.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about what makes Reborn Cabinets special?

Reborn Cabinets is a family owned and operated business based in Southern California. Our primary focus is providing our customers with the Ultimate Remodeling Experience.

Since our founding in 1983, the dedicated men and women who make up the Reborn Cabinets Solutions team have worked tirelessly to not only meet our clients’ expectations, but exceed them.

Our reputation means everything to us. By conducting business with integrity and treating people with honesty and respect, we’ve earned the trust and appreciation of thousands of Orange County and Los Angeles area homeowners while consistently maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For us, the most rewarding part of running this business is seeing our customers realize the home improvement project we’ve just completed for them is everything they’d hoped it would be, and so much more!

How are you accepting payments?

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Q: Who manages payment collection at your business? What was their job like before PaySimple?

Before PaySimple, our Accounts Receivable department was responsible for ensuring payments were being collected. This went as far as contacting sales representatives, field engineers, project managers, and customers to follow up on late payments. AR staff would then have to manually enter in all of the customer payment information to charge the credit card.

Q: Once you decided to switch to PaySimple, what was the setup process like?

We decided to roll PaySimple out in stages. A group of about 20 employees were hand selected so we could test the process within all of the different divisions of our business. We brought all of them in to train with Jamie, our PaySimple Success Manager and ask any questions they had about the software.

We tested PaySimple out for a month then decided the process was working and rolled it out to the rest of our sales department and field engineer team.

Q: Why was it so important to find a service that offered a mobile app?

The nature of our business requires our employees to be in customers’ homes. Empowering employees in the field to collect payment at the time of service allows internal staff to work on other projects to help our business grow. We are also 100% paperless!

Q: How has accepting payments with PaySimple changed your business?

Accepting payments through PaySimple’s mobile app has reduced the number of hours we spend on data entry, allowing the AR department to focus more on how we can move projects along and grow the business. All of our sales representatives and field engineers can now collect payments in the field, freeing up AR to work on other projects.

PaySimple has also enabled us to process ACH transactions. This has been a welcome addition for us as a company and our customers, particularly in our satellite locations in Nevada and Northern California.

Overall, PaySimple saves us time. Before, we were spending many hours in the day manually processing credit cards. Most of this has been eliminated.

Q: How has PaySimple impacted your customers’ experience?

PaySimple helps us provide flexible payment options (ACH, credit card etc.) to our customers and helps them feel more secure when making a payment. Our staff arrives at customer homes in Reborn Cabinets attire and all of them have a company badge clearly showing they are a part of our organization. Our customers have felt more comfortable making a payment with someone face to face that is clearly a part of our organization rather than having to call in and give out credit card info to someone they have never interacted with before.

We are now planning to implement PaySimple to anyone in the field that would be responsible for collecting a payment to reduce our internal processing of payments even further.

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