When deciding on a payment processing partner, solution features are often evaluated across different options. For PaySimple customers, ease of use, flexible payment acceptance and robust security are consistent favorites. These features help our 20,000+ customers nationwide operate efficiently while delivering the best payment experience to their clients.

However, it is beyond our payment features where PaySimple customers find the most value. Recognized for our award-winning support, we repeatedly prioritize the needs of our customers. In using PaySimple for payment processing, your business can expect nothing less than the best.

Here’s how PaySimple’s customer support stands above the rest. We hope you find this information valuable and look forward to serving your needs.

All your payment needs. One dedicated team. Real humans.

Here at PaySimple, we understand that payment assistance is often time sensitive and stress-inducing for businesses. We also know that reaching a real person for payment questions or software support makes a world of difference during challenging situations. That’s why all PaySimple customer support is handled internally within our organization headquarters located in Denver, Colorado.

Rather than outsourcing our support team to a call center, from 9am to 7pm EST Monday through Friday, our customers have access to our in-house support team by phone, email, or online chat. When customers call into our support they get a real person that works for PaySimple and can help them right then and there, no transfers required. Should you need to call, you’ll always speak directly with our team every single time.

If our customers need help outside of business hours, they also have access to our 24/7 online help center.

Structured on-boarding with convenient on-going training.

Ensuring you and your staff are successful with PaySimple throughout your entire experience is a major focus of our support team. It is important that we are here for our customers. While many businesses benefit from our in-product training, we also offer hands on help to those that need it.

Unlike other providers, PaySimple provides complimentary continued training to all of our customers. We provide one-on-one phone assistance when needed and can help you achieve your business goals.

Streamlined assistance for consolidated care.

Customers of PaySimple receive personalized support for all PaySimple solution related needs. However, our support doesn’t end there. Because PaySimple is a comprehensive solution, we service not only our software, but also your business merchant account and payment gateway.

Ours customers do not have to work with multiple businesses to handle aspects of payment processing outside of the software as many other providers require. If your business has bank account questions or technical issues with transactions, our team is there to help.

Additionally, we’re here as they grow. We can help you navigate a plan so you are successful at each stage of business development and expansion. For example, if you’re just starting out and need assistance with taking in-person payments, we can help you get started. If you later want to use additional features like invoicing, our customer support team is a phone call away and can help you understand how to use the system and how it will benefit your business. Not sure what a good next step is to streamline your business? We can help with that too. A simple call to the support team and we can brainstorm which features can help you streamline and grow your business.

To learn more about how to use PaySimple, reach out to our team. We’d love to show you exactly how we can help your business today. Request your personal consultation through our simple online form to get started.

About PaySimple

PaySimple is an all-in-one integrated system for accepting payments, automating billing and managing customers. With best-in-class invoice and billing software, PaySimple streamlines credit card and ACH payment processing through click to pay email invoicing, automated recurring billing, and payment acceptance in-person, online, or mobile.

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