Passionate about computers since he was 10 years old, Jon Matero founded his IT support business, Network Heroes, in 2010. Today Network Heroes serves several clients primarily in Las Vegas and surrounding communities. Of their clients, a majority are within medical and legal services with the remainder spanning a variety of industries.

Jon and his team are used to wearing many hats, serving clients while also taking care of back-end operations like billing and payment processing. Since 2012, Network Heroes has used PaySimple to collect recurring and one-time payments. PaySimple’s tools help them simplify payment processing and save time so they can focus on their top priority: their customers.


Like many small businesses, Network Heroes is passionate about serving their clients, many of whom have stayed loyal to them over the years. Their service is customer-centric, and they value providing their customers with a high level of integrity and service. This approach has allowed them to bring on an average of five new customers each month, adding steadily to their base of long-standing clients.


Network Heroes knew that any time spent on back-end processes was time they couldn’t spend serving their customers. Unfortunately, one of their most time-intensive tasks was collecting monthly payments from nearly all of their clients. At the time, Network Heroes was using Intuit to collect payments, but the lack of a recurring payment feature was a problem. 

Without this feature, Jon and his team had developed a complicated work-around. They would send clients an invoice for an automatic recurring payment, and then would wait for them to respond and approve payment processing. Jon and Shelby also spent hours each month calling individual clients and manually processing payments over the phone. Not only did this drain time, but they often had to follow up with clients multiple times before reaching them on the phone.

“With Intuit, processing payments for an average of 50 customers could take at least a full eight hours of work if done manually. Sometimes the process wouldn’t be completed for days if customers were not responsive to phone calls. This would then cause cash flow issues.”

Shelby Fox, Office Administrator


In 2012, Network Heroes made the switch to PaySimple and reduced their payment processing time by over 90%. Clients now enroll in monthly packages for Network Heroes to manage their IT infrastructure, and PaySimple automates the rest.

With PaySimple’s billing schedules, Network Heroes can collect automatic recurring payments via ACH or credit card. Notably, most of their clients opt for automatic ACH billing, a feature not offered by many other payment services providers.

“I like that PaySimple is easy to use but still provides multiple payment options like recurring billing, payment forms, and even mobile transactions.”

Shelby Fox, Office Administrator

Jon and his team only need to follow up with customers for one-off payments, such as for additional services or hardware outside of a monthly subscription. For these, Network Heroes uses PaySimple payment forms that can be emailed or texted to clients.

“PaySimple makes payment collection much more manageable. I no longer have to chase payments and can complete routine business processes like account reconciliation faster than before.”

Shelby Fox, Office Administrator

PaySimple’s reporting feature has proven especially valuable to Shelby, who has daily reports emailed to her. These tell her which payments have settled for the day before she updates them in QuickBooks.

“Whether I call or email PaySimple, I receive an answer right away. That has been extremely valuable. The PaySimple team is very proactive and provides suggestions that help our business.”

Shelby Fox, Office Administrator

For Network Heroes’ clients, who are often in sensitive fields like medicine and law, security is a priority. They appreciate PaySimple’s high security standards, which ensures that their data remains protected. With seamless and secure payment options, PaySimple has proven to be a comprehensive solution for all of Network Heroes’ payment processing needs.

“This is a great partnership because the values we bring to clients, like our focus on their current needs as well as their long-term growth, align with PaySimple’s values, as well: Payments Today. Partners for Tomorrow.”

Shelby Fox, Office Administrator

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