Westfall Roofing is passionate about growing their business and creating the best possible experience for their customers. A partnership with improveit 360 and PaySimple has helped them do both. Read on to find out how streamlining the payment process has led to great results for Westfall, including an impressive 50% increase in deposit intake.

Westfall Roofing Office
Courtesy of Westfall Roofing


Westfall Roofing is a full-service roofing company based in western Florida, first founded by Kirk and Maria Westfall in 1989. Their son Ryan Westfall joined in 2008, continuing the legacy of exceptional customer service and dedication to the local community. Westfall Roofing has installed and repaired thousands of roofs in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas over the past 32 years and now employs 100 people across two locations.

Courtesy of Westfall Roofing


Westfall is always on the lookout for ways to streamline their processes, and their payment process had room to improve. The team had one shared credit card machine in the office, which limited customer options to paying in-person or providing credit card information over the phone. Because credit card machines are expensive, it wasn’t feasible for each of the salesmen to carry their own in the field. As a result, salesmen had to stop their day and call into the office for each transaction. This drained time for everyone involved, including the homeowners. 

It was clear to Westfall that they needed a flexible, efficient, and secure payment solution that would eliminate these hassles and buy back valuable time to serve their customers.


After researching a variety of payment processors, the Westfall team quickly saw the advantages of a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their CRM, improveit 360. They also needed a system that could handle the large transaction amounts that are often the case for roofing jobs. 

PaySimple checked those boxes and more. President Ryan Westfall notes that not only are PaySimple’s rates competitive, he also appreciates having a dedicated account manager to reach out to for questions and support. 

“PaySimple is really good at customer service, which is something we hadn’t experienced with other merchants.”

Ryan Westfall, Westfall Roofing President

Streamlining payment collection has allowed the entire team to focus on what’s most important: their customers. Director of Operations Caitlin Amenda appreciates PaySimple’s ease of use for both her team and customers, saying “PaySimple’s system is easy to use and easy to learn.” Ryan adds “PaySimple’s tools have really improved our customer experience.”

This frees up Westfall’s operations team as well, gaining back valuable time that had been spent taking payments over the phone. Through PaySimple, customers can immediately commit and place a deposit on a project, and they also have better flexibility with the option to pay online. 

Courtesy of Westfall Roofing

“We concentrate on customer service, and we know that PaySimple does, too.”

Caitlin Amenda, Westfall Roofing Director of Operations

Partnerships that Work

improveit 360 and PaySimple are proud to support businesses like Westfall Roofing. You can learn more about the details and benefits of PaySimple’s integrated partner program here.