So, you’re all set up with a mobile payments solution for your business and ready to use it with your next customer Chances are that customers will not only be impressed in your mobile credit card billing application, but they’ll appreciate being able to pay you on-the-spot.

But, as with any new technology, you’ll get the occasional naysayer, the wait-and-see consumer, as opposed to the early-adopter.

Share the Knowledge

We’ve come up with tips to help make your customers feel comfortable with mobile payments:

  • Get comfortable with the system yourself: Before going into the field, familiarize yourself with the system and even run a few test transactions. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable your customers will be.
  • Run the payment it in front of the customer: One of the beauties of mobile credit card billing is that you can complete the transaction at the time of service. Show your customer that you’re entering the right amount before you finalize the transaction. This can give them peace of mind as the payment is processed.
  • Always email the receipt: Assuming you chose a mobile payments solution with the proper functionality, always encourage your customers to provide an email address to which you can send a receipt. Ensure them that the receipt contains all of the necessary information pertaining to the transaction, including contact information for your business. With a majority of adults in America owning smartphones, that reassurance may even land in their inbox before you finish speaking with them.
  • Emphasize security: You know you’ve chosen a secure mobile payments solution, but your customers may not be as convinced, because they aren’t familiar with the technology. Using the PaySimple Mobile Payments App as an example, here are some of the talking points you can relay to your customers:
    1. All payment information is encrypted and it’s never stored on the mobile device.
    2. The PaySimple Mobile Payments App follows the same PCI DSS compliance standards as its web-based counterpart.
    3. Digitally entering payment information now means no payment information has to be written on paper.

(Of course, not all mobile payments apps can support these claims – see our blog on how to choose the right mobile payments app.) Your customers will soon learn that paying through your mobile solution is just as secure as paying online, and more secure than other methods of payments, such as sending a check in the mail.

  • Finally, reinforce the benefits: Remind your customer that paying now means less hassle for both of you down the road. At this point, most will realize how secure your mobile payments solution is, and any other hesitancy will be out-weighed by the convenience of finalizing the transaction.

Now What?

Hopefully you’ll never have to defend your mobile payments solution to any customer, but if you do, we think this list will help. You might have to stick with old billing techniques for some stubborn customers, but you’ll still be on the right technology track. Check out our website for more information on mobile payments from PaySimple, or call 800-466-0992 today to speak to a representative.