Why Buy Now Buttons Are Good for Business

Moving customers or prospective customers through a seamless purchase process can be a tricky task. They come to you wanting a different experience based on what they’re looking for. Luckily, PaySimple offers options to create a stellar payment experience for all customers.

If they are looking to see all of the goods and services you offer to choose the best fit for them, PaySimple’s Online Store is a great tool. However, sometimes they want to make a simple purchase quickly and easily without the added friction of navigating to a third party website.

Luckily, it’s easier than you think to create a smooth, streamlined payment experience to increase conversions and reduce lost sales.

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Placing a PaySimple Buy Now Button on your website allows customers to pay in fewer steps, without leaving your website experience.

When moving customers or prospective customers through the purchase process, the last thing you want to do is scare them off at the last minute by sending them to a third party site to make a payment.

Adding friction to your payment experience damages the trust you’ve worked so hard to build, tanking your conversion rates and leaving your bottom line bruised.

Luckily, it’s easier than you think to create a smooth, streamlined payment experience.

Placing a PaySimple Buy Now Button on your website allows customers to pay in fewer steps, without leaving your website experience.

Buy Now Buttons by PaySimple

While many payment gateways like PayPal and Square offer you the option to embed a Buy Now Button on your website, most will simply take customers to their own, third party site once clicked. This can be incredibly disorienting for customers and cause those who are nervous about fraud to abandon their carts and seek out a different service provider.

By embedding a PaySimple Buy Now Button on your website, you allow your customers to pay right then and there, ensuring a streamlined payment experience for both you and your customers.

How PaySimple Buy Now Buttons Work

PaySimple Buy Now Buttons are easy to embed on web hosting platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix and are 100% customizable. You pick the color, item each button is associated with, amount customers pay and which buttons appear on which pages. The Buy Now Buttons are PCI compliant for a secure payment process your customers can trust.

Merchants already accepting payments through PaySimple’s recurring billing, virtual Point of Sale, or credit card features will experience the simplicity of seeing all revenue flow into one central platform, making cash flow management and reporting completely painless.

How to Get Started

Ready to allow your customers to make payments or order services quickly and easily, without ever leaving your website experience?

Start embedding PaySimple Buy Now Buttons in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the eCommerce tab within PaySimple and select that you’d like to create an embeddable Buy Now Button.

Step 2: Select the item that you’d like to attach to your Buy Now Button. You can attach one item to each Buy Now Button you create. These items can create recurring billing schedules if they are set up beforehand.

Step 3: Style your button to perfectly fit your website by selecting it’s color, shape, CTA text, item description, price, and more with our simple styling editor.

Step 4: Select “Generate Code” and copy the embed code that appears in the pop-up window. (You can also see additional documentation on how to embed this code into popular website platforms!).

Step 5: Paste the embed code from PaySimple into your web platform and start collecting easy payments from directly within your website!

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Maureen Mulvaney

Maureen Mulvaney

Maureen has been a part of PaySimple since July 2016. She originally joined the company as a Customer Success Manager in July 2016, where she was responsible for onboarding PaySimple customers. Her marketing background and passion for helping SMBs grow to their fullest potential landed her a position in the Marketing Department, where she serves as the Customer Marketing Associate. In her free time she travels as much as possible and gets outdoors with her dog.

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