Dr. Sam McDonald runs Our Tribe Center for Well Being in Arvada, Colorado with his wife, Dr. Lynn McDonald. The neurologically-based chiropractic clinic takes an approach unlike any other to healing patients, by focusing on the foundational processes that need to be in place for patients to function properly and achieve optimal health.

The Doctors handle all patient care and administrative duties on their own, and typically find themselves wearing many hats. Dr. McDonald splits the administrative duties with his wife and spends much of his time working on the “front-of-house” duties like managing customers, accepting payments and scheduling appointments.

Juggling Payments With Patient Care

Similar to many other business owners, Dr. McDonald faces the challenges of marketing and spreading the world about his business, as well as effectively differentiating the services they provide from other more traditional practices. On top of that, providing stellar care to patients is always top of mind.

Prior to signing up with PaySimple, Dr. McDonald found that one part of the business was constantly getting in the way of other duties: payments.

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Their previous payment processing software was not very intuitive and did not facilitate card-on-file or recurring payments. Dr. McDonald would need to manually collect payment information each time a patient visited the office. Not only did this create a subpar experience for patients, it often threw off his schedule.

“It slowed down our efficiency because every time I cared for a patient, I had to process a payment and they needed to pull out a card or cash. People would end up waiting longer. A visit that would take 10 minutes ballooned up to 14 minutes. Multiply that by 4 and I’m behind an entire session.”

The doctors found that diminished client loyalty was another consequence of not having a recurring billing solution.

“Psychologically, every time someone has to pull out a method of payment to pay for something, they are thinking about the value of the service. When someone is set up on recurring billing, they are no longer thinking about payment they are just coming in to get a great service. Recurring billing increases compliance and retention.”

With the nature of their business, wasted time equaled wasted money. So, when it came time to move into a new office, the doctors decided to revamp their payment process as well.

A Faster Way to Pay

After a quick Google search, Dr. McDonald came across PaySimple and was able to speak with a product expert who walked him through the software and gave him a clear idea of what to expect from the platform. The simple sign-up process, reasonable credit card processing rates, intuitive software and recurring billing capabilities persuaded him to make the switch to PaySimple.

“PaySimple lived up to its name in being very simple and easy to use and that was a huge plus. The onboarding specialists were very polite and knowledgeable. I got the feeling that PaySimple was really a company that knew what it was doing—the entire process was transparent.”

Putting Patients First

Without the hassle of manually collecting payments each time a patient visits the office, Dr. McDonald now has much more time to focus on his patients and growing the business.

“This morning, for example, someone started care and I put their payment information in and now it’s done. I don’t have to think about the money again and I can focus instead on delivering excellent service.”

On top of all the time saved on payments, the doctors are enjoying the mobile and point of sale features offered by PaySimple, which have helped them drum up new business at various festivals and events they attend.

“Now when we meet someone interested in starting care with us, we can take payment right then and there for their introductory visit. If someone has paid for something, there’s a much greater chance they will show up to their appointment vs. if they have not yet paid.”

With a trusted payment partner in place, the doctors have their sights set on growth and becoming the premier chiropractic facility in Denver by providing the best, most cutting-edge care that they can. Dr. McDonald says that having a solid payment platform will be essential to this mission:

“PaySimple has absolutely helped us grow our business. The fact that I’m not dedicating time to billing people means I can now dedicate that time to marketing and community outreach—the things that are growing the visibility of the business.”

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