Over the past two decades, SincSports has developed from an online database for college recruiting into a complete sports event management system that has revolutionized the way tournaments are run. Read on to learn how a partnership with PaySimple has helped them increase their revenue and improve payment processing for their clients. 


The SincSports story began with founder John Foley’s family’s love of sports. After 20 years raising four avid soccer players and founding a soccer club, John began helping his children find colleges to fit their athletic and academic goals. Through this experience, he was inspired to use his background in information systems to build a business that could improve the college search process for aspiring athletes.

John and his wife Janet contacted hundreds of soccer tournaments throughout the country to introduce their growing college recruiting site, Sports in College. To better support the tournaments and leagues that connected them with their client athletes, they expanded into additional web services to support clubs and teams. Sports in College then became SincSports Inc. 

While college recruiting services continue to be a main part of the business, SincSports has developed into the premier tournament and league web package in the industry. They currently employ six full-time and four part-time staff in the Chicago, IL area and the Toledo, OH area.


Prior to partnering with PaySimple, SincSports was accepting credit cards online for payment, but they needed a solution for accepting eChecks. They also wanted to build out reporting and reconciliation in their tournament package to benefit their clients.


After researching a variety of payment processors for eChecks, SincSports settled on PaySimple. They were able to incorporate payment processing into their tournament package by connecting tournament clients directly to PaySimple and building a custom gateway. SincSports was also able to incorporate payment processing for their college recruits.

Through this partnership, SincSports has increased revenue by providing eCheck processing for larger transactions. They are also working to better utilize PaySimple’s API to enhance direct refund processing, as well as PaySimple’s customer database to facilitate repetitive processing for primary clients.

Additionally, PaySimple enabled SincSports to switch their annual non-recurring fee for their college recruiting services to a monthly recurring fee, which has provided a significant increase to that part of SincSports’ business.

“We have always enjoyed working with everyone at Pay Simple and found all to be very vested in helping to build our relationship.”

SincSports Team

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