Gursey | Schneider LLP is an independent, full-service accounting firm that was founded in 1979. With offices throughout California, they specialize in high net worth, private equity, media and entertainment, and nonprofit clients. Their staff of over 200 employees offers unparalleled customer service in a wide variety of financial specialties as well as business support. Since 2015, Gursey | Schneider LLP has relied on PaySimple to streamline their internal billing and payment processes to save their clients both time and money. With PaySimple, the firm now offers their clients ACH, credit card, and other online payment methods within one simple tool. 


Founders Donald L. Gursey and Stanly B. Schneider combined their expertise in business management and forensic litigation support to build a team that specialized in complex financial planning situations.

Since joining Gursey | Schneider LLP in 2014, administration director Doug Walton began working to streamline the firm’s administrative tasks and automate where possible. One of the largest pain points facing the firm came down to accepting payments.


Gursey | Schneider LLP’s previous payment processor did not have a self-service payment portal. The accounting department had to collect all payments manually. Further, the platform was cumbersome and difficult to use on the backend, making it difficult to obtain payment information if a client wanted to pay without notice.

“As soon as I started at Gursey | Schneider LLP, I began looking for a new payment processor. Everything was manual, there were no online payment forms to allow clients to pay on their own, and it took way too long for the staff to process payments.”

The firm needed a payment processor with modern, flexible payment options along with an online payment portal that was easy for clients to use. Easy-to-reach and attentive customer support was also a crucial requirement for any payment processor they chose.


A Google search led Doug to PaySimple. He was immediately impressed.

“It’s in the name. PaySimple’s interface is simple and easy to work with—that’s the main reason we made the switch.”

Once Gursey | Schneider LLP implemented PaySimple, every member of the firm was trained and given their own secure login ID. The firm also benefits from having a dedicated customer success manager available to help. Rather than an automated support bot, Doug can connect immediately to a real human for help. For Doug, this was a key differentiator.  

“I can reach out to our customer service manager at any time, and she responds very quickly. Customer service is huge for me because we’re in that business as well.”

Gursey | Schneider LLP now accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including ACH and credit cards, as well as paper checks from clients who still prefer the traditional route. These various payment methods are handled within a single solution, reducing overhead and oversight for multiple tools. The firm also set up an online self-service payment portal that makes it easy for clients to pay anytime, anywhere at their leisure.

An online payment portal and multiple payment options has helped Gursey | Schneider LLP keep up their 40-year tradition of providing clients with the tools they need to get the results they want.

“PaySimple saves us time, which saves us money. We don’t have to hire more people to staff the collections department, and we can focus on servicing clients versus going after late payments.”

PaySimple’s dedication to simplicity, function, and customer service have transformed Gursey | Schneider LLP’s internal billing and payments processes, ensuring they can continue to provide the high level of care their customers depend on them for.

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