“PaySimple is really intuitive and easy to use. It’s actually very simple and allows me to focus on my patients, not worry about money.”

-Robin Dickinson, MD, Owner
Community Supported Family Medicine, LLC

Family Physician Launches Independent Practice to Decrease Overhead Costs

Robin Dickinson, MD, a solo family physician, founded her Colorado-based practice, Community Supported Family Medicine (CSFM), in late 2012. Her practice is fairly unique, as she built it around an IMP (Ideal Micro Practice) model, a concept that’s been around for more than a decade, but is recently gaining momentum as an alternative option for independent medical professionals.

This micro-staffed, independent model allows Robin to directly manage her overhead costs, provides her with more flexibility to focus on patient care, and gives her more time to spend with her family. In addition to lowering costs, an IMP encourages physicians to leverage best practices and collaborate with other like-minded, small business medical professionals, and provide a more focused level of patient care.

No Billing Staff, No Problem

Some of the immediate advantages she found were that she didn’t have to hire someone to do billing. She charges a flat, monthly fee for care, which covers standard in-office diagnosis and procedures. She signed on with PaySimple to manage her monthly billing and she is able to bill her patients automatically without having to think about it again. “Money pops into my account and I just focus on seeing patients,” said Robin. “I don’t have to think about billing or collecting. It’s the best possible scenario.”

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More Time for Patient Care

Once Robin started offering automated payment solutions, she quickly realized that she wanted all of her patients to use the service. Now, any new patient who uses Robin’s services is required to sign up for monthly recurring billing. “I’m not interested in dealing with the money,” said Robin. “That’s not why I’m doing this. If I had to bill people myself I’d fail, because I don’t want to have to think about it and I don’t have time. PaySimple ensures the money comes in and I can focus on my patients’ needs.”

Simple to Setup and Superior Support

Robin had worked previously with a larger payment provider, but wasn’t happy with the service or support she received. When she found PaySimple, that all changed. “The customer service at PaySimple was amazing and this was my biggest issue with the other company,” said Robin. “It was really simple to set up and they needed a lot less information to get me going.”

In addition to being easy to set up and receiving great customer service, Robin found the simplicity of the product to be the best benefit of all. “You don’t have to be good at technology or computer programs,” Robin continued. “I’m a doctor and not trained in computers. This product is really intuitive and easy to use. It’s actually very simple and they do a great job training, which helps too.”

Thank you Robin, for sharing your story.

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