Cutting Edge Elite is a premier event staffing company in New York City that coordinates highly trained catering teams for residential and commercial events. They offer residential, promotional, and catering staff for everything from intimate family gatherings to brand outreach events. Since 2010, Cutting Edge Elite has relied on PaySimple’s flexible payment options to make it easier to get paid on time.


Nathan Perry, founder and business director of Cutting Edge Elite, recognized the clear need for not only catering services, but also event staffing resources in New York City.

With his partner, he opened Cutting Edge Elite in 2007 and focused on providing support for events both large and small all across the region. They soon set themselves apart with their experienced staff who could handle hosting, reception, bartending, and other event needs. They didn’t just provide staff for important events—Cutting Edge Elite staff brings charisma and energy to events along with their deep experience ensuring those events go smoothly.


After being in business for three years, Cutting Edge Elite found that one of their biggest challenges was getting paid in a timely manner. Large events would require a large payroll for employees, and a late client payment meant they were faced with finding the cash to pay staff.

“Employees won’t understand that a client hasn’t paid us so we can’t pay them. They just need to get their paycheck. We’ve always skipped payroll for ourselves to make sure our people get paid.”

Slow-paying clients weren’t always slow on purpose, though. Cutting Edge Elite struggled to find a payments provider that made on-time payments easy for their customers with multiple payment options and reminders.

After trying other merchant account providers that promised low rates, Nathan was astonished by the lack of service and communication about payment activity on their account. This activity meant their employees got paid (or didn’t) and their business was successful (or wasn’t). None of them provided the support Cutting Edge Elite needed. Then Nathan found PaySimple.


Hearing the name alone immediately put Nathan at ease: a simple system for payments was exactly what he was looking for. After talking to a representative and learning more about their all-in-one solution, Nathan was excited to get started.  

Cutting Edge Elite set up PaySimple’s online payment forms to collect payments from clients directly on their website. Now, it’s easy for clients to pay online and Nathan doesn’t have to wait for checks in the mail.

“I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but we would carry about $20 to $30 thousand in past due receivables. With PaySimple, we’ve cut that by about 90%.”

A virtual credit card terminal also allows Cutting Edge Elite clients to pay online (or through their phones) at the event itself without the use of a credit card reader.

PaySimple’s customer service approach mirrors Nathan’s own emphasis on providing an excellent client experience. For every question, he can reach out by phone or email to PaySimple’s customer service team and talk to a real live person for help.

“Honestly, it’s all about customer service. Some companies don’t realize that even if they compete on price, they can cost a business owner so much time with bad service that it’s not worth doing business with them. Everything has just been better since we started using PaySimple.”

With PaySimple supporting their business, Nathan now reports happier customers, faster payments, and a better experience overall.

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