CertaPro franchisee selects PaySimple as the best solution for consolidated payment processing. The flexible and easy-to-use solution alongside superior customer support delivered the value CertaPro wanted for their business. CertaPro Painters of Redmond, Washington opened in 2006 and is operated by Jessica Belman and the team. Since opening, the Redmond location has completed over 4,000 projects locally.

“We didn’t have a way for our CertaPro customers to make payments with their bank information online. Nearly 95% of customers were paying with a physical check.”

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One Solution for Multiple Payment Methods

During the busy season, Jessica and her team manage up to ten crews at a time and primarily collect checks from clients on-site or invoice her clients and wait for checks to arrive in the mail. Although payment by check is common within the industry, Jessica wanted to offer more payment options to her customers at her CertaPro location.

Additionally, Jessica also wanted to accept payments online; making the payment experience even more convenient and easy to manage during busy times. With a setlist of criteria, Jessica evaluated half a dozen payment solutions on:

  • Ability to accept cash, check, ACH, credit and debit card
  • Easy-to-use for both her team and her customers
  • Willingness to work with her on processing fees

Whether customers want to pay via ACH, credit card, or debit card, the ideal experience would be as frictionless as possible with one solution.

PaySimple demonstrated high value from the beginning, addressing my specific payment needs and working with me on rates. Other solution providers simply didn’t compare.”

Real-Time Cashflow Visibility

PaySimple partnered with Jessica from the beginning, creating a customized business experience that met all of her criteria.

PaySimple addressed Jessica’s concerns around ACH fees and negotiated a solution and eliminated obstacles early on, setting her up with the higher processing limits her franchise required.

“I consider the move to PaySimple one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. My customers are now given additional flexibility when making payments and it saves me hours of processing checks.”

This level of service was a defining factor in Jessica’s choice to go with PaySimple. After a simple implementation period, her CertaPro business was up and running on the payment platform.

Today, the Redmond, Washington location accepts payments online and in-person via ACH, credit, and debit card transactions. Customers of Jessica’s are pleased with the payment flexibility and convenience and no longer take business elsewhere due to the lack of payment options. Visibility into real-time cash flow has been an added benefit for Jessica.

With PaySimple, Jessica is able to see payments coming in across the entire business within a few minutes of processing. This insight helps tremendously with the planning and budgeting behind a franchise and always is nice to see for day-to-day management.

PaySimple helped CertaPro deliver flexibility to their customers by providing an easy-to-use solution to accept various payment methods. Now customers can pay how they prefer, which benefits them, Jessica, and her business.

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