Getting paid is a pretty important part of business. Why make it harder than it needs to be? 

When you use streamlined systems to manage and execute projects, you’re not only able to boost your own efficiency and get paid faster, you’re also set to impress your customers. It’s a win-win situation. We teamed up with our partner One Click Contractor to bring you five tips for speeding up your payment process with digital tools, all while delivering a more positive customer experience.

1. Ditch the paper

No one wants paper clutter in their house. Delivering digital estimates, proposals, and agreements speeds up the job closing process, especially when the customer can use electronic signatures. Every step of your sales process can be done digitally and from anywhere! Using digital sales solutions and being able to collect payments inside your sales platform saves you time and gives you visibility into the status of your outstanding contracts or payments.   

2. Communication is key

Home improvement projects can be a huge investment. That’s why homeowners value transparency and communication before, during, and after the sales process. Using line items in estimates is an easy way to build trust so they can see exactly what they’re paying for in their project. Also be sure to outline payment expectations at the start of the sales process. Establish your payment timeline with project milestones so no payment request comes as a surprise. 

3. Give payment options

Just like paper estimates and contracts, paper checks are becoming relics of the past. The most successful contractors are armed with a wide range of payment options that meet customers where they are and get money into your bank account quickly and easily. Using a platform like PaySimple gives customers the flexibility of credit card or debit card payment or ACH payments for same-as-cash flexibility without having to visit the bank. Homeowners can mix and match to fit their needs.

4. Use scheduled payments

Stop wasting valuable time with calendar reminders and manually running installments on payment plans! Make sure you’re using an electronic payment platform like PaySimple that allows you to schedule recurring payments. Your customers’ card data is securely stored in the platform and is run automatically at scheduled intervals. They love not having to repeatedly enter their card; you love getting paid without having to think about it!

Bonus: You can review all payment statuses for all of your customers in the same place. Seeing the status of customers helps you with proactive communication throughout the sales and install process. 

5. Streamline your systems

Organization doesn’t just make you look like a pro to homeowners; it’s the secret to saving time, closing more jobs, and getting faster payments! An all-in-one digital sales platform like One Click Contractor can quickly become your virtual office manager. Store customer and job information that’s easily accessible to everyone on your team, all while being able to go from estimate, to signed agreement, to payment in a matter of minutes. Plus, with well over 30 integrations, including credit card processors like PaySimple, you can connect all of the tools you need into one platform.

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