FAQ Covering PCI Certification & Compliance

Why is PCI Certification important?

PCI Certification is designed to make certain that all organizations that collect credit card information and process credit card transactions have taken fundamental steps to prevent that information from being stolen or compromised. Implementing policies for your company that adhere to the PCI guidelines is the way to ensure that your company is both taking the appropriate steps to protect your customers, and to meet its contractual requirements with its merchant account provider.

Certifying PCI Compliance is the way to provide your merchant account provider the proof it needs that your company is compliant, and advertising your PCI Compliance is a great way to show your customers that you are taking the required steps to protect them.

Is PaySimple PCI Certified?

Yes. PaySimple is PCI DSS Certified. Coalfire Systems, a VISA Qualified Security Assessor, has independently audited PaySimple and certified that PaySimple is PCI DSS compliant.

I only process a few credit card transactions a month, do I need to certify PCI Compliance?

Yes. Any company that has a merchant account for credit card processing is required to certify PCI Compliance.

I only process ACH transactions, do I need to certify PCI Compliance?

No. PCI Compliance is for credit card processing only.

Why Can’t PaySimple certify PCI Compliance for me?

PCI Certification is about your company, not simply about your payment processing application; thus each company must individually certify PCI Compliance with its credit card processing company directly.

However, as using PaySimple moves responsibility for the key tasks of transmitting and storing cardholder data from your company to ours, the steps you need to take to certify your company’s PCI Compliance are significantly reduced. Thus, you are essentially taking advantage of PaySimple’s PCI Certification to meet most of the PCI Requirements your company would need to meet if it used its own systems for payment processing.

I’ve had a merchant account before and never certified PCI Compliance, why do I need to certify for PaySimple?

All merchants have been required to certify PCI Compliance for quite some time. Historically, enforcement of it (especially for small businesses) has been lax. However, the Card Issuers (Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover) have recently started imposing fines on those that do not enforce PCI Compliance requirements; thus enforcement is becoming a much greater priority.

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