PaySimple does all it can to prevent abuse and infringement of rights by merchants using its service, web payments pages, customer portals, booking page websites, and automated system emails. However, due to the fact that much of this content is uploaded and controlled by users, PaySimple does not have control over all content that is uploaded and subsequently displayed, nor does PaySimple have control of all email addresses to which system email is directed.

If you have a complaint regarding any content uploaded to a PaySimple website by any user, or email received from a PaySimple server sent on behalf of a PaySimple merchant, or any other violation of PaySimple’s Acceptable Use Policy, please notify PaySimple so that it can be dealt with immediately.

Please follow the instructions below to report abuse related to any PaySimple hosted web payment page, customer portal, or booking page website, or any PaySimple system generated email.

To report SPAM generated by a PaySimple Server:

Send an email to that contains the following information:

To report impersonation on a PaySimple hosted page or site:

If you believe that a PaySimple web payment page, customer portal, or booking page website is being used to unlawfully impersonate your company or otherwise improperly portray itself as an authorized representative of your company, pleases send an email to that contains the following information:

To report Copyright/Trademark Infringement on a Web Payment Page or Booking Page Website hosted by PaySimple:

Mail your complaint to:

PaySimple, Inc.
Abuse Department
3601 Walnut Street, Suite 410
Denver, CO 80205

(You may also email your complaint to, but PaySimple must receive a signed complaint in order to act on it, and to resolve the reported copyright/trademark issue.)

Your complaint must include:

To report any other type of abuse:

Send an email to, that contains the following information:

PaySimple takes abuse of its systems very seriously, and will investigate all complaints received and will take appropriate action where warranted. However, note that remedies to abuse reports are made at PaySimple’s sole discretion. Receipt of a complaint is no guarantee that PaySimple will take the action requested, or that PaySimple will take any action at all.

There is no confidentiality promised or implied for any report of abuse, in any form, made to PaySimple. PaySimple may, at its sole discretion and without any notification to the reporting party, share any report of abuse with the PaySimple Customer against which it was lodged, with legal counsel, with law enforcement, or with any other third party.

Additionally, all official responses to abuse complaints will be made in writing or via email from Any verbal communications from PaySimple employees, or any correspondence from PaySimple employees using an alternate email address, MAY NOT be relied upon as official responses or promises of action of any type.