The integrations allow business owners to automatically synchronize PaySimple customer records into their MailChimp or Constant Contact accounts to create targeted, revenue-generating email marketing campaigns.

DENVER, CO – August 22, 2018 – PaySimple, a leading Service Commerce platform for businesses, today announced their latest integrations with top email marketing platforms, MailChimp and Constant Contact. By automatically synchronizing PaySimple customer records with MailChimp or Constant Contact, PaySimple merchants can utilize valuable customer buying behavior data to identify revenue opportunities in their customer base and quickly segment customer lists to create highly targeted email campaigns.

With these direct integrations, customer records from PaySimple reports are automatically sent to MailChimp and Constant Contact without having to navigate to multiple screens or export data. This allows time-strapped business owners to quickly and efficiently create powerful, targeted campaigns to inform their customers of new features, discounts, and promotional campaigns to increase engagement and revenue. Without the automatic syncing of customer records into marketing tools, merchants are left to manually download customer lists from their payment gateway then re-upload those lists into their marketing tool; or worse, rely on hunches and intuition alone when it comes time to send a campaign.

“We designed this integration to help our merchants promote their businesses, keep their customers engaged, and generate more sales by leveraging powerful payment data in their email marketing,” said PaySimple President, David Sharp, “Ultimately, this is part of PaySimple’s mission to empower SMBs to reach their full potential.”

The MailChimp and Constant Contact integrations will automatically sync customer records from PaySimple to the respective email marketing platform in real-time. Once activated, these integrations require very little management and will automatically add newly created PaySimple customers to their email marketing tool in real-time.

The MailChimp and Constant Contact integrations are free for all customers with a PaySimple Pro account. To learn more about how to power your marketing efforts with PaySimple payment data, click here.