Kinsley’s Cookie Cart is a 501(c)(3) foundation that supports pediatric cancer patients and their families. In 2019, they partnered with PaySimple to start collecting donations, sell event tickets and auction items, and manage a growing database of donors. PaySimple’s integrated payment and CRM solution has helped Kinsley’s Cookie Cart host two successful fundraising events and raise $125,000 in donations in the first year of operation.


When four-year-old Kinsley Peacock was being treated for a rare and aggressive cancer, she took up baking, giving away batches of cookies to friends and family. These cookies became well-known in the community, generating support and creating awareness around childhood cancer. Today Kinsley’s Cookie Cart, a nonprofit since 2019, provides awareness, funding, and support for pediatric cancer patients and their families. PaySimple’s flexible payment solution and CRM capabilities are helping the foundation achieve this important mission.


Kinsley’s Cookie Cart needed a way to collect donations on its website and at fundraising events held throughout the year. They were looking for an omni-channel payment solution that would accept credit card and ACH payments both in-person and online. Ideally, their payment solution of choice would be easy-to-use and able to handle in-person and online donations. Additionally, the foundation also needed a CRM solution to capture, store, and manage donor and contact information related to transactions.

“We want it to be easy for donors to give to our mission and to support Kinsley. The experience of giving should be simple for our donors no matter if they are online or in-person with us. We also want the solution to be easy for us to manage. Something we can begin using quickly from the start.”

Adam Peacock, Founder, Kinsley’s Cookie Cart


Kinsley’s father, Adam Peacock, had previously worked with PaySimple before the family launched the foundation. As a result, Adam was familiar with capabilities of the PaySimple solution and their high standard of customer care. He trusted PaySimple to help Kinsley’s Cookie Cart collect donations and connect with donors, all while offering exceptional customer service.

PaySimple’s customer success team worked closely with the family to implement an omni-channel payment solution that would make it easy for donors to support Kinsley and the foundation’s mission online and in-person. The CRM capabilities that came with PaySimple were a natural fit for the foundation’s donor information management. Having one solution for payment and contact information made operations of the foundation much easier to manage.

“PaySimple was a great choice for us because it offered flexible payment processing as well as an integrated CRM. We knew we would benefit from holding payment and contact information in one solution and we’re happy that we can with PaySimple. Together, these features help Kinsley’s Cookie Cart collect donations, raise awareness, and ultimately support the children and families affected by pediatric cancer.”

Today, Kinsley’s Cookie Cart uses PaySimple to collect donations online as well as at events, using mobile swipers and iPads. With PaySimple, they have the flexibility to accept credit card, debit card, and ACH payments for one-time donations, event tickets, silent auction items, and recurring monthly donations. The CRM capabilities allow the foundation team to easily send awareness materials and fundraising event invites by mail to supporters. For email communications, the foundation uses the MailChimp add-on provided by PaySimple to send newsletters and event invites to supporters.

Leveraging PaySimple’s tools, Kinsley’s Cookie Cart hosted two successful fundraising events and raised $125,000 in monetary support during their first year of operation. They plan to host more fundraising events each year, and are partnering with outreach and awareness organizations at the national level, including the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. PaySimple is proud to serve Kinsley and the mission behind this foundation.

“PaySimple has enabled us to run our foundation fully with just one solution for each need, starting with payments. We’re happy that we do not need to spend too much time managing the behind-the-scenes parts of our efforts and can focus on the higher aims of the foundation: supporting the children and families impacted by childhood cancer.”