Billing day can look very different for small business owners, depending on how they have their payment acceptance processes set up.

Owners who take advantage of the seamless flow and automation provided by recurring billing, will likely spend way less time keying in credit card numbers, hunting down missed payments and haggling with payment processors.

With all this extra time, these business owners can invest in their companies by spending time with clients, securing new relationships and focusing on growth. Or, they might just use the extra hours to spend time with friends and family!

The business owner who doesn’t use recurring billing, has their work cut out for them on billing day: keying in hundreds or even thousands of credit card numbers, staring at reports, trying to reconcile missing payments, emailing receipts and waiting on hold for forever with payment processors to fix any issues. They’re lucky if it’s just billing day and not billing week!

Recurring Billing: What’s the Big Deal?

By this point you might be thinking, “I have a system in place, do I really need to rock the boat?”

Small tweaks to your business operations can have major results.

Recurring billing software is perfect for business owners who need to collect payments on an ongoing basis and are ready to ditch the hassle of continuously collecting one-time payments. A recurring billing software like PaySimple allows you to automate these recurring payments which helps establish predictable revenue and be assured that your cash flow is in a solid place. Customers love it because they can continue to enjoy your service without the hassle of reaching for their checkbook or credit card every time they get a bill.

Still not sure on how recurring billing will impact your business?

The graphic below explores a typical billing day for a small business owner who uses recurring billing compared to a business owner who elects to do all their billing manually.

Which Scenario Looks Most Familiar to You?

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Recurring Billing Software

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