As a business focused on serving businesses, we at PaySimple understand the uncertainty and hardship that COVID-19 has created. Our goal is to help you operate your business as well as possible during this time, and in a way that best positions you moving forward.

Below, we’ve outlined steps you can take to protect your physical therapy, massage therapy, talk therapist, fitness training or chiropractic care business. Our intention is that incorporating some or all of these measures helps you deliver business continuity as well as possible.

Adaptive Measures for Health & Wellness Businesses 

COVID-19 has particularly has impacted businesses that focus on in-person services. Understanding that many health and wellness businesses need to remain operating at this time, operational changes may need to be evaluated. Health and wellness business owners may want to consider adopting many of these adjustments to operations. 

  • Proactively offer rescheduling for non-urgent appointments to minimize face-to-face interaction.
  • Continue strict sanitation measures and personal protective equipment recommendations provided by the CDC with required in-person client and patient visits.
  • Where possible, transition your in-person business to a virtual business by using free or low cost online meeting software for client appointments. 
  • Add to your existing services by offering online courses, downloadable guides and video training. Fitness businesses may find success with online workout classes and fitness tutorials. Consult with your preferred legal advisor on any new or revised waivers required to meet HIPAA or other guidelines for added services.
  • Provide customers with a convenient way to stay connected to your online services through subscriptions. With use of an online payment solution, subscription management is made easy through automated recurring payment collection for your business. 
  • Review all business expenditures and remove unnecessary costs such as office supplies or equipment should you reduce office hours or transition to online services.
  • Consult with your business’s tax advisor to potentially take advantage of the  90-day tax payment extension available to businesses that owe after 2020 filing. Remain aware of the pending tax filing extension recently announced and your state’s tax filing procedures as not all states follow federal guidelines. 
  • Provide flexible payment options to ensure those needing services or pre-booking can pay by their preference. If your business only accepts ACH or eChecks you might want to think about extending credit card payment options to your customers. 
  • Be understanding and accommodating to clients and patients that need to cancel appointments by waiving cancellation fees. 
  • Speak with your banking service to learn about any payment deferral or reduction options should you need them to assist with cash flow. 

Additional business guidance on navigating COVID-19 will be provided here on going. Check back for new topics and updates. If your business needs assistance with adding additional payment acceptance options, PaySimple can help. Our customer service is available for you at 855-881-381.