Guide to ACH & Credit Card Fees

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Credit Card Fees

Inquiry Fee

Per transaction fee

Discount Rate

Starting rate per transaction fee based on a percentage of transaction amount. Rates will vary by card brand and transaction type

Non-Qualified Surcharge

Added to the base discount rate if the card presented is in the Premium, Corporate or Business card category

Rewards Surcharge

Added to the base discount rate or non-qualified rate for cards that fall in the Personal or Corporate Rewards category

Chargeback Fee

Fee if a customer declares a charge/debit was not authorized

Batch Fee

Charged for each daily batch of transactions (only when present) processed through the account

On File Fee

Per Month

PCI Program Fee

For access to PCI tool. Billed monthly.

PCI Non-Compliance Fee

Per month for not meeting PCI compliance. Fee is assessed by credit card processor.

AMEX Qualified


AMEX Non-qualified


ACH (eCheck) Fees

Transaction Fee

Cost for processing an ACH transaction


Fee debited if a customer declares a debit was not authorized


Fee debited if a transaction is returned for an Administrative reason, such as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

ACH Refund (Reverse ACH)

Fee debited for a cancel or void of an ACH transaction

ACH High Ticket Surcharge

Surcharge added to per transaction fee for transaction amounts over $5000

ACH Assessment

Processing fee assessed on all ACH transactions under $5,000

ACH Batch Fee

Batch closing fee for each day there are transactions processed

ACH Program Fee

This is a flat fee that will be billed each month for anyone with ACH processing.

How You Are Billed

Near the beginning of the month, all transaction and maintenance fees are debited from your bank account for the previous month's processing. Credit card processing transaction fees will appear as a separate debit from your ACH processing and maintenance fees.

Please Note: Maintenance and transaction fees are debited from the business bank account provided during the application process unless otherwise specified. If you have any questions about processing rates or fees, please feel free to contact us.