DENVER, CO, March 24, 2008– Small business owners looking for ways to streamline their billings and collections process, find news about electronic payment industry trends, get insights on marketing and teambuilding in a small company, or simply looking for a place to connect with other small business owners, will find a new resource in PaySimple’s blog at… PaySimple Blog will feature several members of the PaySimple team, including CEO and co-founder Eric Remer; EVP, CFO and co-founder Allen Wolff; Jeff Gardner, PaySimple’s President; Lisa Hephner, PaySimple’s VP of Technology; David Sharp, PaySimple’s VP of Business Development; Elissa Beckman, PaySimple’s Empowerment Director; and Sarah Jordan, PaySimple’s Marketing Director. The blog, featuring content on ACH, e-check, credit card, and billing and collection technology, will also be featured on PaySimple’s new Facebook page.

“At PaySimple we are focused on creating platforms that help stars shine – and in our view, small businesses are the stars of America,” Remer said. “If small businesses thrive, our world is a better place – more jobs are created, the economy improves and more people become empowered. Our blog will be focused on our mission to help small businesses succeed,” Remer said.

The PaySimple team has a history of working with small businesses as well as building business themselves. Remer started and built two successful businesses prior to co-founding PaySimple, the premier provider of electronic payment solutions for small businesses.