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PaySimple Partners with Pioneer Technology Group to Provide Payment Processing Capability to Tax Collection System

PaySimple now provides online payment processing functionality to Pioneer Technology Group's custom developed tax collection system for County Governments.

DENVER , CO , March 26, 2007- PaySimple, an industry-leading provider of payment management solutions for businesses, is pleased to announce its partnership with Pioneer Technology Group, a custom developed systems provider to County Governments. By partnering with PaySimple, Pioneer Technology's tax collection systems can now seamlessly manage taxpayers' account information as well as process ACH direct debits, electronic checks, and credit cards through PaySimple's virtual gateway.

Pioneer Technology Group offers a variety of products and services to County Governments ranging from customized tax systems to electronic document systems. Its primary product, Excise, automates the process of calculating and collecting the Tourist Development Tax, a bed tax for special districts. The system collects and manages account information, reports statistical and financial data, and now seamlessly communicates with PaySimple's payment gateway to enable taxpayers to remit payments via a secure online form.

"We switched from another payment processor to PaySimple to integrate with our systems and improve our efficiency, said Rich Connor, CTO of Pioneer Technology. "We are very pleased with the ease of integration, and already have satisfied customers using the new system."

"We're pleased that Pioneer Technology Group was able to significantly increase their products' efficiency by incorporating PaySimple payment processing functionality," said Eric Remer, CEO of PaySimple. "PaySimple is an ideal solution for organizations like Pioneer Technology that want to provide total system solutions that streamline payment collection processes."

PaySimple's online gateway technology has the versatility to support either a payment page hosted on its own secure server, or one hosted on the business's secure server. The system collects payment information from the online form and submits it directly into the PaySimple gateway for payment processing, with no double entry. With this online payment functionality, Pioneer Technology Group offers its tax collection software to County Governments, enabling taxpayers to submit their tax payments via electronic check, ACH direct-debit, or credit card from the county's website.

For more information about PaySimple and its payment processing gateway, visit the company website athttp://www.paysimple.com/ or call 800.466.0992. For more information about Pioneer Technology Group, visitwww.ptghome.com or call 800.280.5281.

About Pioneer Technology Group:

 Pioneer Technology Group is a provider of custom developed software to County Governments. Specifically, the company targets markets for tax assessment and collection systems. Pioneer Technology's most prominent products are Excise, its Tourist Development Tax System, and Axia, its Value Adjustment Board System. www.ptghome.com

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