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Press Release: AurionPro Invests in PaySimple, Signs Long-Term Development Contract

DENVER, CO, October 17, 2007- AurionPro Solutions, Ltd., a leading provider of global technology solutions, is pleased to announce its recent investment in Denver-based PaySimple, a leading provider of payment management solutions for businesses. AurionPro is gaining a strategic stake in the company, along with a seat on the PaySimple Board of Directors and a long-term development contract.

AurionPro Solutions has a long-developed presence in the financial services market and offers its customers ISO certified technology with innovative products such as its iCashPro cash management system. With AurionPro's contributed industry expertise and financial support, PaySimple is enabled to expand its strategic business operations.

"We're thrilled to have AurionPro as our strategic business partner and to have one of its key executives as a member of our Board of Directors," said Eric Remer, CEO of PaySimple. "AurionPro's involvement with our product development and strategic decision-making will present exciting growth opportunities for our future."

AurionPro commented on the investment: "We are excited to begin working closely with the US-based payment processing company. The company has grown into one of the industry's leading payment management systems, and we see nothing but expansion for its future."

About AurionPro:

 AurionPro continues as a global technology product and solutions company based in Mumbai, India. The international company boasts increasing yearly profits with customizable solutions for the electronic payments industry and technology consulting services. AurionPro's client list includes the likes of HDFC Bank, Centurion Bank, and UTI Bank. www.aurionpro.com.

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