Peplinski Group Estimates 60 Day Return on Investment with PaySimple

DENVER, CO, April 14, 2008 – PaySimple, the leading provider of on-demand electronic payment solutions for small businesses, announced today that The Peplinski Group, Inc., a family owned and operated provider of both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care, has started accepting payments via the on-demand PaySimple Solution.

The Peplinski Group, Inc. owns and operates seven resident care facilities in Michigan. The organization is dedicated to providing a caring home for supportive living, with compassion towards those who depend on them to meet their needs.

Amanda Nichols, Director of Accounts Receivable for Peplinski Group, Inc., faced a large challenge in terms of billing and collecting from residents, as most pay for their care with funds they receive from Social Security. Due to recent changes to the Social Security system, residents receive their checks throughout the month, making it more difficult to collect funds. Nichols’ challenge was to find a way to make payments easy for the residents, but also efficient for the company’s systems.

Nichols chose the ACH (Automated Clearing House) module of the PaySimple Solution, which allows the Peplinski Group to accept electronic payments automatically and directly from their residents’ bank accounts. PaySimple configured the system for Peplinkski’s residents to be billed on various dates of each month, based upon the arrival of their Social Security checks. Additionally, the process is completely automated which makes life easier for Nichols and her team.

“Several families asked about the ability to pay electronically and if they would be able to have money withdrawn automatically,” Nichols said. “When we introduced this, people were very excited. They find it easier to pay us, and we find it easier to collect their payments – everyone is happy.”

The PaySimple solution is an on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables small businesses to bill, collect, and manage their customer payments under one user-friendly system. The PaySimple solution includes recurring billing, email invoicing, web/telephone payments, ACH direct-debit, EFTs and direct deposits, credit card processing, e-check processing; check conversion, and business software/shopping cart integration. Best of all, small businesses do not need any technology experience to use or customize the system. The PaySimple solution was designed with the small business needs and budget in mind.

Nichols and her team saw a return on their investment (ROI) in just 60 days – both in cost savings and man hours. One feature of the PaySimple Solution that she especially appreciates is the Quick Payments function. Quick Payments allows her to accept a check over the phone from anyone, whether that customer has been previously entered into the system or not.

“I really appreciate how this feature avoids ‘the check is in the mail’ syndrome,” Nichols said. “I can get a little information over the phone and we are done. What a time saver!”

“PaySimple makes it easier for merchants to bill and collect, and gives their customers the flexibility to pay the way they feel most comfortable-in person, via the web, by phone, or automatically,” said Eric Remer, CEO, PaySimple. “The Peplinski Group’s time and money savings, as well as their immediate ROI, is the kind of success we strive to achieve with all of our customers, Remer said.