Origins Church Finds PaySimple Solution Saves Time, Increases Efficiency

CMA DALLAS 2008 ANNUAL CONFERENCE and DENVER, CO, April 21, 2008 – PaySimple, the leading provider of on-demand electronic payment solutions for small businesses, announced today that Origins Church of New York has found success making donations more convenient for congregants by using the PaySimple Solution, which has resulted in increased contributions for the growing church. PaySimple will be exhibiting at the CMA Dallas 2008 Annual Conference in booth #402.

Origins Church of New York is a young church community comprised of professionals, young families, students and emerging artists committed to seeking a renewed approach to Christian spirituality and the teachings of Jesus. The two year old community is growing very quickly and now attracts regular attendance levels of 450 – 500 people for weekend services. Members were looking for flexible and convenient ways to contribute regularly, even if they missed a week of services. And as a non-profit, Origins Church depends on the donations of congregants. Sue Erickson, Executive Assistant and Vision Implementation of Origins Church of New York, decided to do some research to investigate alternative ways to make it easier for people to give to the church.

Because their demographic tends to be younger, the Origins Church website has emerged as a central place for congregants to learn more about its services. “Since our website is where many of our members get their information when they are not at the church, it made sense to allow them to donate via the website as well,” Erickson said.

Following a referral from another church, Origins decided to deploy the PaySimple Solution. “We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get started with PaySimple; it was much faster than we had expected,” Erickson said.

The PaySimple Solution is a Software as a Service (Saas) technology platform, and is securely hosted by PaySimple. Origins Church did not have to add any additional IT resources and found it did not take much training for the staff to become knowledgeable and efficient at setting up online payments for the donors and running reports on the transactions. Within two weeks of signing up, Origins Church started accepting donations by credit card and electronic check on their website.

In the year Origins Church has been working with PaySimple, their weekly contributions have quadrupled, and have also become more predictable. Erickson has also found that the Origins Church staff saves a great deal of time now that they are using the PaySimple Solution, as they no longer have to manually count money or go to the bank to make deposits. In addition, by accepting donations electronically, there is less opportunity for human error in the accounting process for tracking and reporting donations.

Following their excellent experience with the PaySimple Solution, Origins Church plans to upgrade to the newly released PaySimple Solution 2.0. Erikson is enthusiastic about implementing the recurring invoicing module as well as offering congregants the ability to edit their own settings for their already growing number of online donations.

Origins Church also appreciates the individual attention PaySimple has shown to make the setup and utilization of the system successful. “PaySimple is very responsive and has great customer service,” Erickson said. “They are very friendly. When I talk to anyone at PaySimple, I know they are focused on my concerns — it’s not like dealing with some big, impersonal company.”