PaySimple and Billeo Allow Businesses To Offer The Fastest and Easiest Purchase and Online Bill Payment Capabilities Available

DENVER , CO , June 11, 2007 -PaySimple, an industry-leading provider of payment management solutions for businesses, is pleased to announce its partnership with Billeo. Billeo streamlines the buy and bill process by giving consumers the fastest and easiest way to purchase goods and pay bills online. PaySimple provides secure hosting for the online payment form as well as a simple, low-cost payment processing system for businesses.

The two companies formed a partnership to address two critical demands-the business demand for online payment capability and the consumer demand for easy, online bill pay. The partnership connects businesses with their consumers in the growing online payment space, helping them quickly integrate online bill pay directly into their websites. This allows them to reap the rewards of online bill pay, including increased sales, lower billing costs, and greater customer loyalty-all of which directly contribute to the bottom line.

“Market trends show us that online bill pay has a direct effect on successful customer relationships,” said Robin O’Connell, V.P. of Business Development for Billeo. “It isn’t a question of ‘if’ businesses will offer online bill pay, but ‘when.’ Billeo and PaySimple allow any company to jump-start the process. A website storefront can provide fast and easy bill pay. When you give customers the choices they want, they will reward you by coming back time and again.”

“Billeo’s solutions make the online purchase and bill-pay experience seamless for consumers, and PaySimple provides an equally user-friendly way for businesses to accept these payments,” said Eric Remer, CEO of PaySimple. “Our partnership, forged at the point where business and consumer demand for streamlined payments meet, will simplify the online payment process for all involved.”

Billeo allows consumers to store their passwords, credit card and bank information securely on their own computers. Customers select the payment option they would like to use, and Billeo automatically stores the transaction confirmation pages. Billeo gives customers a choice of payment options-with a credit or debit card or directly from their bank account. PaySimple both hosts secure online payment forms and provides a robust online payment gateway that enables businesses to set up recurring billing as well as accept credit cards and ACH direct-debits from checking accounts. The PaySimple/Billeo approach enables the merchant to retain complete control of the transaction and the customer by keeping customers on the merchants’ websites during the purchase and bill pay process, rather than diverting them to other payment sites-a key benefit that promotes customer loyalty.

For more information about PaySimple and its payment processing gateway, visit the company website at or call 877-740-1554.