New online store solution provides mobile-friendly storefront, registration, and checkout specifically designed to suit one-time and billed services

DENVER – October 5, 2016 — PaySimple, the leading service commerce platform for businesses, is pleased to introduce the first online store built specifically for service providers.

The ecommerce industry is ever growing, and service-based businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to retail-focused website and shopping cart solutions on the market. Business owners are challenged to create the strong online presence that consumers have come to expect, but are still growing primarily with manual phone, email, and paper-based processes.

“We’ve seen many small businesses with only a phone number as a call-to-action on their websites, which means they are only generating business when they are available,” says Eric Remer, CEO of PaySimple. “Or they try to implement shopping carts that are product-focused, which only solves one pain point and often causes more hassle when reconciling those orders with customer records.”

Selling a service requires a much different and often lengthier, tailored approach, which is why service-based businesses need a selling platform that’s built specifically for them, not for retail. PaySimple’s new Online Store allows small business owners to sell services in a way that is flexible to their needs, and benefits both owners and customers.

“The service business model is centered around customers,” Eric continued. “Business owners have to build trust and create lasting and ongoing relationships with people. Our service commerce platform connects business owners and their staff to the people they do business with – instead of just the transactions or products sold.”

By using the PaySimple Online Store, small business owners can also focus on more than just selling. The system provides best-in-class order management, customer reconciliation, real-time business insights and reporting to learn which customers and products are their best, so that they can be more strategic and focus on their passions.

“When I started [my business], students would get a piece of paper that said when to pay and what they owed,” says Megan Meconi, a small business owner and PaySimple customer since 2013. “Now with PaySimple’s Online Store, we have a system to track people that are paying and can offer payment plans — that’s the kind of thing that makes a business run. We’re not just chasing our tail, but actually analyzing what’s happening and how to make things better.”