Online Payment Processing for Professional Services

Automate Invoicing & Accept Payments Online

Finding time to make it to the bank isn't always easy, so having your customers pay online means cash is deposited directly into your bank account.

With online payments from clients being made instantly, you can avoid the hassle of sending an invoice, waiting for a check in the mail, and finding the time to drive to a bank.

  • Electronic check and direct debit transactions are deposited directly into your account.
  • Send automated reminders to notify clients their invoice is coming due.

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With many ways to accept payments across multiple devices, you'll increase the number of times you are paid on time.
Recurring billing creates predictable income each month and saves you time on creating and sending invoices.

Create Predictable Recurring Billing & Automated Payments

Setting your clients up with recurring payments saves you time and creates a healthy, long term revenue stream.

Perfect for services with regular invoicing, recurring billing lets you automate your recurring receivables by automatically collecting payments on their due date.

After the initial transaction, client payment information can be saved and billed with a reminder automatically sent before the payment is collected.

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"We save between 10 and 15 hours a month not having to manually invoice and follow up with people. It's also helped with our clients who travel, and has helped us manage our revenue aspect dramatically."

Josh Coffy - FlightMedia

Accept Payments with Mobile Credit Card Processing

With the PaySimple app and mobile swiper your clients can pay with a debit or credit card in person. You'll also be able to enter electronic checks, capture touch signatures, and send e-receipts.

Perfect for the office or on the go; accepting payments wherever you are means funds will be in your account sooner.

Mobile credit card processing lets you take advantage of every opportunity to collect a payment -- even if your customer doesn't have a cash or check on hand.

  • The PaySimple mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices.
  • With Seamless Sync, payments are automatically reconciled with your PaySimple account.

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With the PaySimple mobile app and a credit card reader, you can accept payments anywhere, anytime.
Spend more time with your clients and use PaySimple's account tools to make remembering important details about them easier.

Manage Customers & Build Client Relationships

Get to know your clients and record information unique to them in their account. You'll be better organized and these notes can be easily pulled up any time.

Customized, automated communications also help you save time and provide excellent customer service in the process.

Whether you need to remind someone about a late payment or updating their card information, Paysimple handles the communication so you can focus on serving your clients.

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Automate Scheduling & Book More Appointments

Book more clients by automating your scheduling and allow your customers to make appointments online using BookSimple.

Appointments can be booked even after your office has closed for the day and you'll receive an email notification of their scheduled time.

  • Block off personal time and set your own schedule.
  • Add a 'Book Now' button to your website, social channels, and emails.
  • Add multiple service providers with their own custom scheduling.

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Book appointments even when your office is closed with BookSimple. It's easy to use scheduling will keep your schedule in check.

"Love it, we tell everyone about it. It has increased our collections, it makes our staff more efficient, our clients love it. No more calling in credit cards or riskier mailed in credit card authorizations! We love this solution!"

Fred Middleton - MiddletonRaines + Zapata, LLP

With a PaySimple merchant account, you can accept a wide variety of payments, including debit and credit cards, across a range of methods.

Make It Easy for Your Customers with Online & Mobile Payments

Accept a wide variety of payment types and make it easy for your customers to pay no matter what method they choose.

By shrinking your billing cycle timeline, you'll get back the time you used to spend chasing down payments.

  • Accept payment in-person or electronically.
  • Add incentives to motivate your clients to pay faster.

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Easily Monitor & Manage Your Cash Flow

With the PaySimple dashboard, you'll know at a glance the current state of your invoices. See which clients have paid and who is still outstanding and use this information to keep on top of your monthly cash flow.

  • Create custom reports to segment important data.
  • Review customer accounts for transaction history and notes.
  • Monitor your recurring billing statements.

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Know in an instant how well your business is doing with the PaySimple dashboard.

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