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Questions About PaySimple

What is PaySimple and what do you do?
PaySimple is an industry-leading provider of payment management solutions. PaySimple simplifies billing and collection processes by enabling you to bill, collect and deposit all of your payments automatically. Our customized, secure ASP solution includes recurring billing, electronic check processing, direct debit and credit card processing at some of the lowest rates available.
Why should I use PaySimple?
PaySimple provides the most complete payment gateway available for a single low-monthly fee. The PaySimple suite of electronic payment processing solutions allows you to save time and money by streamlining your payment processing/accounts receivables so that you get your money on-time every time, and you provide the best possible service to your customers. Decide for yourself. Get Started Risk Free!
What are the main differences between PaySimple and other payment processors?
PaySimple provides a complete integrated solution that makes processing all types of electronic payments simple and straightforward. Most other payment processors simply provide you with a payment engine through which you must control and maintain each and every facet (account reconciliation, merchant statements, bank and merchant communications, etc.) of your system. With PaySimple you are given the complete front and back end processing solution needed to streamline your accounts receivables and integrate seamlessly with business management software.. When you compare PaySimple with other services, the choice is obvious.
Is PaySimple really Simple to set-up and use?
YES! We created the program for to make your payment processing simple so you can focus on your business. No software or hardware is required. Businesses can begin accepting credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and direct-debits in a few days.
How much does it cost to use PaySimple?
PaySimple's solution is $49.95/month plus processing fees. This includes unlimited invoicing, free mobile app access, unlimited award-winning customer support, and more. For detailed pricing, please visit our pricing page.
What countries and payment types are supported by PaySimple?
Currently, PaySimple's solution is available to businesses in the United States processing payments in USD. We continue to explore options to best serve our customers.

Questions About the PaySimple System

Can I outsource all of my collections to PaySimple?
Yes and No. PaySimple can completely automate your entire billing and collection process, but you need to set up and monitor the system. However, with PaySimple's easy subscription billing feature you simply set-it and forget it. Your money gets deposited into your account automatically each month, and your customers are automatically emailed a receipt when their payment is processed. Learn more about subscription billing.
What kind of businesses are best suited to PaySimple?
PaySimple can optimize payment processing for most any business. PaySimple can be particularly beneficial for companies that currently use paper checks, companies that accept credit-cards using MOTO transactions (i.e. do not swipe the card), and companies that need to implement online payment solutions. The strength of the recurring billing portion of the system is ideally implemented within those organizations that accept multiple payments from subscription customers.
Can I save money by using PaySimple?
YES! Customers have reported considerable cost savings in all aspects of their business after switching to PaySimple. These customers have been able to save money by greatly reducing the time and money spent collecting, processing, posting and depositing payments. In addition, using PaySimple to process electronic checks saves 55% over paper check processing. And, PaySimple offers some of the lowest credit card rates available, and we work with you to optimize your merchant account to ensure that you get the best rates on all transactions. See what our customers are saying.
Can I use PaySimple for card-present transactions?
Yes. PaySimple can offer you both card present and card not-present (Internet) merchant accounts. In most cases you can even continue to use your current swipe terminal, if you have one. However, using one merchant account for both card present and card not present transactions typically costs you more. (Learn more about credit card rates.) PaySimple will work with you to set up your accounts to ensure that you get the best rates on all transactions.
Can I use my current credit card swipe terminal?
Depending on the software and/or terminal that you are currently using PaySimple will most likely be able to accommodate your equipment into our system. If the equipment cannot be integrated into our system we will be able to provide you with a new solution that will update your current processing.
What if I need help with my terminal or gateway? Is there support?
All of PaySimple's solutions, whether hardware or software. are fully supported so you can use the system with confidence. All PaySimple customers receive unlimited free technical support and training from a live person over the phone. It's just one more way we make payment processing simple!
How do I close my PaySimple account?
We're so confident that PaySimple is the right solution for your business that we want you to try it risk-free. There are no long-term commitments. If you are not happy with PaySimple, you can cancel the service at any time. Monthly service fees, custom integration fees, and transaction-related fees will not be refunded. To cancel, simply call our customer support department at 800.466.0992 and tell the service specialist that you would like to cancel your account.

Getting Started With PaySimple

How do I get started?
Getting started is easy! Simply submit the online application and a PaySimple service representative will contact you to begin.
How long will it take to process my application?
PaySimple begins processing your application the moment it is received. You should receive a call from your service representative within 24 hours, and in most cases you can be processing payments about three business days.
How long does it take to get approved for a merchant account?
After the underwriting team has received all of the needed information to approve your merchant account the process to get approved takes approx. 4-6 business days.
Do I need training? How long does it take?
The PaySimple system is extremely easy-to-use. To help ensure your complete satisfaction, PaySimple provides you with complete training that is customized to your specific use of the system. Training usually ranges between 30-45 minutes, however we'll work with you and your staff for as long as it takes for you to get a full understanding of how to use the system. And, unlike our competitors training, service, and support is always unlimited and free.
How difficult will it be to train my staff to use PaySimple?
The beauty of PaySimple is that it provides your staff an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement and easy-to-maintain system that streamlines all of your payment processing activities. The system is intuitive, and with the recurring billing feature the entire accounts receivable process can be automated. We provide training to your entire staff, for as long as necessary at no additional charge, to make certain that they get a full understanding of how to use PaySimple.

Processing Payments Electronically with PaySimple

How do I accept payments via the PaySimple system?
PaySimple enables your business to accept payments via credit cards, checks, and direct-debit. Paper checks can be processed electronically so you'll never have to go to the bank again. The recurring billing feature enables you to automate your entire billing and collections process by charging your customers (via credit card or direct-debit) on a set schedule and emailing a receipt. Additionally, you can accept payments by check or credit card over the phone or via fax. You can even create an online payment gateway so that your customers can pay bills online, or purchase directly from your website.
How do I get my money?
For electronic check or direct-debit transactions the money is transferred directly from their bank account to yours. For credit card transactions, funds from our credit card processor are transferred to your account in 24-48 hours.
How do I know when my customer has paid?
PaySimple notifies you of every transaction via email. The PaySimple Account Manager also provides you with an easy to read summary of all transactions processed and their status. Additionally, you can view a payment history for each of your customers within PaySimple.
How long does it take for funds to be deposited into my account?
Funds are typically deposited into your account within two business days.
What is electronic check processing?
Electronic check processing means that you can convert a paper check received from a customer into an electronic transfer that takes funds from your customer's account and places them into your account. (You may have seen transactions of this type on your checking statement.) This transfer takes place via the Federal Reserve Bank's Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. It's a faster, less-expensive way to get your money. Learn more about electronic check processing.
What is Direct-Debit?
Direct debit uses the same ACH system that electronic checks do, but it eliminates the need for writing checks altogether. With direct-debit your customer gives you permission to take funds directly out of his checking account and transfer them to yours. Direct-debit is typically used for recurring billing. But, it can also be used with an Online Payment Gateway to enable your customers to purchase your products or pay their bills directly from a checking account instead of with a credit card. Learn more about direct-debit.
What is different about PaySimple merchant accounts for processing credit cards?
PaySimple saves you money! Not only does PaySimple offer some of the lowest credit card rates available, we work with you to make sure that you are paying the lowest possible amount for each transaction. Learn more about credit card rates.
How can I integrate my management software with PaySimple?
YES! PaySimple is compatible with most business management software. We provide an easy import/export function that can map custom fields for seamless integration.

Recurring Billing (Auto-Pay)

What exactly is Recurring Billing?
Recurring billing is a process by which your initiate payments from your customers on a regular schedule. This process not only significantly reduces the time and money you spend on billing and collections, it also provides a very convenient way for your customers to pay you on time, every time. The process is easy, and all you need to get started is a PaySimple account. You must first get written permission from your customers to start a subscription billing program. (We provide you with all the materials you need to do this.) You then upload your customer's payment information--only once, eliminating data entry errors--and payments are retrieved and processed at regular intervals going forward. The entire process is customizable. For example, you can choose a monthly bill date, and create a custom receipt. You can even provide your clients access to update their preferences and billing details online.
How will my business benefit from Recurring Billing?
With recurring billing you get your money on-time, every time. The resulting normalization of cash flow can have a significant positive impact on the way you manage your business. You also eliminate the time and money associated with printing and mailing paper invoices. In fact, the entire accounts receivable process can be fully automated--you set it, forget it, and collect your money. Learn more about recurring billing.
How will Recurring Billing benefit my customers?
Recurring billing makes doing business with you simple. Customers love subscription billing because it enables them to pay bills automatically without the hassle of receiving invoices, mailing checks, or finding the time to deliver payments in person. It is particularly attractive for regular charges of the same amount, such as daycare fees, rental fees, cable service, maid service, and many others. Recurring billing also provides significant flexibility for your customers, they can pay you via credit card, or via direct-debit from a checking account. They can even choose the day of the month they would like to pay. And, they are certain that they won't miss a payment, even if they are ill or out of town. It's a win-win for you and your customers! Learn more about subscription billing.

Online Payment Gateways

Does PaySimple provide a way for my customers to pay bills online?
YES! The PaySimple Online Payment Gateway enables your customers to pay bills online, via a secure web connection, via either direct-debit from their checking account or via credit card. Learn more about our Online Payment Gateway.
Does PaySimple integrate with online shopping carts?
YES. PaySimple can be used as the online payment gateway for most online shopping carts. You must program your shopping cart to pass the pertinent customer information and the total payment amount to the PaySimple Online Payment Gateway. This secure web page can be hosted on your own secure server, or PaySimple can host it for you on our secure servers. Your shopping cart programming team can implement the integration, or our programming team can do it for you at an additional charge (depending on complexity). Learn more about our Online Payment Gateway.
Can I use PaySimple to enable my customers to pay online with personal check?
YES! The PaySimple Online Payment Gateway will enable your customers to initiate an electronic check transaction directly from your website (or from the gateway page PaySimple hosts for you.) Learn more about our Online Payment Gateway.
Why does my business need to accept online payments?
Because your customers are demanding the convenience of paying bills online, and if you don't provide the service your competitors will. PaySimple makes it easy to accept online payment, and at the same time we reduce your payment processing costs. Its win-win for you and your customers.

Technology Questions

What is a Payment Gateway?
A payment gateway authorizes transactions, securely encrypts them, and submits them for processing. In the case of a direct-debit or electronic check transaction, a funds request is sent to the payers bank and if sufficient funds are available, the funds are deposited into the payee's bank account. For credit card transactions, an authorization request is sent to the card-issuing bank. The transaction is then submitted to the credit card processor who deposits the funds into the merchant's checking account.
What is a Virtual Terminal?
A virtual terminal is a secure web-based interface that allows a merchant to process credit/debit card, ACH and check payments from any computer that has an Internet connection.
How secure is the PaySimple System?
PaySimple takes security very seriously. Our security is our business. Our platform uses the most powerful security and encryption tools that exist in the marketplace. The processing website is secured and encrypted using 1024-bit Thawte Digital Certificate The Gateway uses a 1024-bit Verisign Digital Certificate, but accommodates the majority of browsers at 128-bit encryption. Learn more.

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