Real-Time Business Intelligence and Reporting

Make informed business decisions with detailed reports of customer purchase and payment activity

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Cash Flow Management

Track payments received and current outstanding payments to easily manage cash flow.

Automated Invoice Tracking

Access payment statuses, follow-ups, and emails to spend less time chasing payments.

Real-Time Customer Reporting

Never have to wait for batch updates or refreshing of data -- it’s all real-time in PaySimple.

Customer Timeline@2X

Manage Cash Flow Anytime, Anywhere

With a mobile-friendly payment tracking software, you’ll always know if customers are paying on time. Follow up on late and outstanding payments, get a comprehensive look at customer purchase history and compare current and previous time periods with cash flow and customer reporting.

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Stop Chasing Outstanding Invoices

Spend less time calling customers to collect payments by using state-of-the-art invoice reporting. Automatic notifications for failed transactions and automatic follow-ups get you paid faster.

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Paid Invoice@2X

Your Guide to Forecasting Your Cash Flow

Download the spreadsheet to calculate your business's cash flow for both a one-month and one-year period.

Real Time Bi@2X

Leverage Real-Time Reporting

Customer reporting in real-time provide transaction statuses that are accessible no matter where you are. There’s never any need to wait for accurate data—PaySimple works as fast as your business.

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See where your business stands with PaySimple’s real-time reporting software.